Saturday, May 18, 2013

AJIK is BACK!!! :D

Hey Jammers! Mia here! Long time no see :D
Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that AJIK is back!!!!!! Woohoo! I am so excited to announce that. I have lots of updates to tell you, but first let me just say something. I will not be posting new items every day. I will be posting things like, the Jam Session Party tour, and updates, and stuff like that. 
So.....Let's get on to the updates!!

First of all, I became a Spirit Jammer! A Spirit Jammer on The Animal Jam Spirit Blog! So, for those of you who aren't really sure what a Spirit Jammer is, it's a person that helps out others and congratulates people for accomplishments, et cetera. I actually became a Spirit Jammer back in.....January maybe? Well I'm not sure about that. But me and Amy Jiao have been doing well at the job from my point of view. :)

Also, I have like....three more things that I have become interested in over my long break (due to my SUPER busy life D:) : 

  • I just finished reading the first Percy Jackson book, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it xD
  • At school, we have been recently been studying Ancient Greece. I have found that I am finding the Greek Gods/ Greek Mythology/ whatever else about Ancient Greece (The Olympics!!!! :DDD) super duper DUPER interesting!! If you really want to know I learned something, I can make a blog post about them under request. :3

Also, I have changed my profile picture (I bet you can tell, you can see on the side of the blog. -->) here it is updated...

It is from the pretty much new Photo Booth. You can try out Photo Booth yourself in Club Geoz and in Sarepia Theater. 

Also, you can see I changed my blog theme. I did because Lucky Day was long over, and the Summer Carnival has come (tour coming soon)!! I spend almost 100% (Okay, like 80 %) of my time at the SC. I spend so much time there, I can almost hear words in the song... O.o . My Dad does get very annoyed with the music though....If your wondering, me and my Dad's computers are in the same room, and about 10 feet apart. I don't keep my music up loud, but he just somehow hears it... and sometimes I am listening to Taylor Swift ;) (She is my favorite singer).
Okay, maybe while I'm here posting this pretty long post, I might as well add the new item!
 The new item is the returning lei! I personally love this item, I'm not sure why, but I just do. :)
You can buy your own new lei in Jam Mart Clothing for 150 gems! It's a non ember item as well! Way tog o AJHQ :)