Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silver Glove....

Okay...Hi guys....Im sooooooooooooo sorry i havent posted in a while D: .Im busy...Alot now-days :C.Yeah i know right! It's suposed to be summer.I DID NOT LOSE INTREST IN AJ d:

Anyway...I think the item look exactly like a white glove....Its in Epic Wonders! o3o.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New item's!

Sorry no pictures...I'm out of time D:.The new item's are....

Octopuss chair & A Moon balloon!

Octopuss Chair=Sunken Treasures,

Moon Balloon=Summer Carnival!

Sorry....Im not kidding i have littlery no time D:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Rare Monday!+Mysteries of jam-mart-clothing...+My new animal idea!

 This is Rare Mondays....In my opinion (Idk if i spelled that right and spell-check isnt working right now...)I don't REALLY like rare mondays...Only because:
  1. It's in the trading party claw And:
  2. I have it.....

 Anyway...Now onto the mysteries on jam-mart clothing...Okay...So do you see the table? 'Yes' Okay well then XD.Is that hat typed thing a headress? :O.AJHQ totally did that wrong.... (If it is) These posibly could be SUUUUPER rare items...
 On to the indain shoes....Kind-of strangeeeeeee......... Derpy.....
And lastly *drum roll*.....My Idea! I submitted an idea hoping that Sea Otters Could Be Animals one day..! :DDDDDDDDDDD

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New item's!

So,Todays item is the mer-maid neckless...It's to humany in my opinion.....And yesterdays item is the Sand-Dollar neckless.I wanna buy the sand dollar one...X3....

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New item :D!

Berets are the new item today.Come on peeps!Lets all be french bunnies! (It won't hurt or anything XD) lol.Yeah,Umm...Enough Said!

P.S I Made A New Blog! And it's Called:

Feel free to read it :D

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sorry! P.S New poll on the side-bar! Right over ----> there!

Soooooooo Sorry Guys! D:.My picture for todays item got lost D":.And i Couden't post the update....Because i ran out of memory on my camara DX.So yeah,Just a quick im sooo Sorry messege.And up:^ there is a VERY RANDOM beta picture :D.Credit to gingerpawz,It came off of her blog.Click here for gingerpawz AJ Blog :D! 

It's cool! Bye for now....-Mia776 :3

Thursday, June 21, 2012

All About:Penguin's Only Party!

 Welcome to todays post!It's all about the "All New", (XD) Penguins only Party!Anyway,Here is what is looks like when you walk in:(It's up there ^).All the pictures are above.
 This is a little pool typed thing,Kinda like a hot spring.Sorry my mouse is in the picture XD.(It's in alot of the pictures sorry XD)
 There are these little stairs, That lead up to:
 Here!It's a store :D.And it sell's:
 Penguin Banner,Ice Sofa,And Ice Chair. :3 (You should buy them :D) WARNING:They Might melt when you are sitting in them XDDD.I don't think so
 Click on this Snow-cone Icon to get A Snow cone next to your Penguin/Animal.The colors Are:Red,Blue,Yellow,Green.XD 3 of them are primary colors...MAYBE EVEN ALL OF THEM XD!
 Also,Another clicky thing XD,Click the red hot-air balloon to get a mini hot air balloon next to your animal,They look like this:
 Clicky red/pink Hot air balloon thingy XD.
 And it has a music shop,That sells,^That music up: ^ There.X3
 And here is the tippy top level,I like it up there.....XD.Sorry you can see my (Penguin's) Face XP.NEVA SHOWING ME REAL FACE >:O XD.
And here is the last picture,A picture of one of the slides XD.Update Post Will Come probable tomorrow XD.Or today if i have time.....But....Thanks for reading the ultimate Guide to the Penguin's only party XD!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Save Jamaa (Protest to Bring back the old AJ/Jamaa :D)

 "SAVE JAMAA!" Is definitely Right! :D.So really do SAVE JAMAA! From all those nasty daters...And those terrible clanners...
I will make a link to AJS (Animal jam Spirit snowyclaws AJ blog :D) Click here,To go to Jamaasian Movement! That is the more info link...:P Im tired tonight...Im sooooo Sorry i posted soooo late today...It's rare that i get to on the computer this late... :3


Sorry all i can say is flags are back byeeeeeeeeee

Monday, June 18, 2012

Rare Monday!

This is rarre monday bye i have NOOO time D:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I met snowyclaw! :DDDDDD (again at another one of her party's :D)And i met gingerpawz :DDD

 Here is my first picture! :D,People were going craaaaaaaaaaaazy there.And as Ravenio (Ravenpaw) Said:"Snowyclaw,To meet you is like meeting a shaman". True That :3.Snowyclaws blog
 Here is a really bad picture of Snowyclaw dancing,With fans (Such as me XD) Surrounding her.Although i was sayign this:"Give snowyclaw her space!". :3 I also Met gingerpawz (Also famous :D first time)Im on a quest to meet all the famous/kinda famous Jammers In Jamaa :D!Anyway here is a pic of Gingerpawz:
Yay!Gingerpawz her blog is: .And shes Famous too.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaf Neckless's!

So,Today Leaf's are back!:3 i'm really exited that they are back :D.And say good-bye to FurryForest125...For some reson  i don't want to put on my blog.....Well...Thats it for today!
                                                       C-ya around Jamaa!-Mia776

Friday, June 15, 2012


OMGG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH GUYS! :D.Im sooooooooooooo happy right now :D.Anyway why im so happy is i got 1000000000000000 VIEWS :DDD.Nuh maybe now THAT many but right now i have 1005 views! :D

Pet gray castle!

Aww...I wish i had not bought the princess pet castle.I wish i had saved my gems for this...I loove this one :D.Yeah well i think thats it......
                                                               C-ya around Jamaa!-Mia776

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Emote Party!

Welcome to the Emote party!This is the emote party! (I allmost whrote patty mabey like a bacon patty yum XD)Anyway first we did food emotes (Suposted to be burgers but some people wanted to have Ice-cream) XD
And here was our second picture!Of us all going like this :O.Because,Someone had an imposter.OH WRITE IT WAS FURRY!XD
                                                       C-ya around Jamaa!-Mia776 (Who really needs to REMEMBER Romanien XD)

Hamster Plushies!

 Yay!Hamster plushies!I've been waiting for thease for a while :D!I bought the tiny one RIGHT after i took this picture :3.Its certinily alot ptreeier than it would be because,It WOULD be red lol.I wanna buy all the mini plushies.......o3o.
And aj has a new button,Pretty boring.Just a help button.IMPORTANT MESSEGE:Have you seen Rule-breaker watch?Well its just a little thing on my ONLY side bar D: .Also check out my misty blog!(Only because i have a misty party on one of the posts)And because i have a REALLY exiting new Misty :D.You can either go to the tab or Click here! I almost have 1000 views! Im so close! :D
                                                        C-ya around Jamaa!-Mia776

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


So,I thought (When i saw the picture on Lovelost's AJ blog today)I thought:"Oh!Cool!I want that den item! :D"Then i figured it out:ITS A HAT! XDDD.Anyway...Its a kind-of strange item,Its over all OK.Yes this posts name is "..." XD.Well,It's time for my good-bye messege...
                                                              C-ya around jamaa!-Mia776

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Item/:O Aj is out of stock of furniture items...

 So,Today we have a post with 2 pictures.And By the way Misty Chapter 7 got SUUUUUUUUUUUUPER think so :D.Anyway there is a big duck plushie and a small duck plushie at the carnival today!I just really want the hamsters to come allready...XD.
Omg,Look! AJ is out of stock of CleverClaws dresser! :O Must be really popular.....CleverClaw must be proud,That his/her item is out of stock.Also about Misty Chapter 7,There is somthing you probable wont expect :D.I love C-ya Around Jamaa!-Mia776 ( lol here is a random link to AJ outfitters... )

Monday, June 11, 2012


While i was playing as my Back-up account i was looking up imposters when i found...This... Here is the first picture,Of Mia778 >.< SHE EVEN COPYED MY LOOKS!My old looks that is :P...Unlike me she is a non member...But...Her name IS Fabulous Icylily,And she TOTALLY copyed my old looks...She probable hasant been on in a while...Thats what i looked like in beta...
 Here is someone who looks like OLD Duchess Templelily,Again she probable hasant been on in a while...And probable all of thease people are fans or somthing X3.I didint know i was that popular...
Here is a person with the name Mia775,Might be someone who just likes the name...BUT!I do remember meeting her shes really nice,And she seemed to be a REALLY big fan,In the beta days...Before this blog.... Witch is very strange...She is still on my buddy list lol.Aww...I lost my picture of Mia7776... Well,Im out of time...So see you tomorrow!(Probable with a new item :D)This part goes to Jenny:Jenny,Just telling you you have an imposter,Jenny8.

Rare Monday!

Golden pirate hat is rare monday!Kinda lame...They COULD have done better,But i like it :D.And i have a new mini blog! (its called )Do you like rare monday?Comment!

                                                                            C-ya around jamaa!-Mia776

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another mean person DX :"C.

Another mean person -.- >.<.His name was fss123.And he walked into the Conversation Museum,And called everyone an as (The bad word :""""""C) and walked out.We all reported him DX.D:< PEOPLE HAVE TO STOP BEING MEAN! But nobody reading this post is mean though :D!If they are then we just delete those comments.

New item!/Another weird glitch.../ 900 VIEWS!

 Sp,Just another post...Todays new item is!Porkupine fins?XD no i dont remember what its called...Oh wait...Pufferfish armor?Whatever....XD
And here is a weird glitch,It says that a random persons tail armor is a trade list XD.Wow i didint know that you could have a trade list made out of tail armor! XD.YAY I HAVE 900 VIEWS WOO HOO ONLY 100 MORE INTIL 1000 :DDDDDDDDD

                                                           C-ya around Jamaa!-Mia776♥

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Back Up Account!

So,Today (short post)Is where if anything happend to my main Account (Mia776)Like the resons...You know them...I Won't mention her often at all.Or use her.She will be My Main Account If Anything happens to Mia D: .Witch nothing will :D!Anyway here is her user:


So yeah!But nothing will happen to Mia!If somthing DID happen to Mia I probable would change the user to:


Yeah,My bunnie's name lol.Take a look at the new poll!Over there --->
                                                          C-ya Around Jamaa!-Mia776 Hoping to stay Mia776 o3o.And she will for as long as time goes on XD.

Sun Visor...........

So,Todays new item is........*drum roll*

Where?-Jam-Mart clothing!
Use?-Just a hat to block the sun from your face...

Pretty wierd item for AJ.............................................................But if you go to Crystal Sands....You might need it!XD
                                                      C-ya Around Jamaa!-Mia776

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Main Penguin's back story!/REEEAAALY wierd glitch.../My Contest entry (The pet contest)

 So Here is my 3rd post for today! XD (Im just kinda bored today...So i had a friend over...But im bored right now...)Anyway...So here is my Penguins back story!Well...My penguin...Ok,So when penguins FIRST came out EVERYONE was one. (Exept non members D:)And i went along with the rest of them...And got one...And liked it for a while...Then was my Bunnie for like a month or so...Then i bought my wolf...(Not Duchess Templelily my other wolf)And...Then my penguin was at the bottom of my list of Animals for a while...And then like yesterday...I changed my main animal!:D
 OOOMMMGGGIsnt this soo wierd?Sorry its upside-down...I was in such a rush to take the picture...And there was like 3 seconds left in voting for best dressed...So...Then i ended up quiting BEST DRESSED NOT AJ!Yeah odd photo...XD
Here is my Contest Entry!For the Pet Contest :D!Best bear i've ever
                                                          C-ya around Jamaa!

Really mean person D": (Who reported me for NO reson :"C)

So, People today we have a mean girl D": .Really short post...But please report/Ignore her! D: .I did NOTHING! :"C Nothing at all DX.Cya

C-ya around jamaa!-Sad Mia776 :"C

Summer Carnival Part 1!

 So,Today im doing a Summer Carnival tour :)!How you get there is on your party list!You just click on the giant "Summer carnival"And i like da music o3o XD.
 When you get there,And go right.There is a little place where you can print out pictures! (aka games like Funny Fil Ins,and like whats diffrent typed things...)You can also pretend to draw.
 There is a game called phantom ball!(I will alot more of a better post later...And when i do that one i will delete this one...)Anyway,There are some prize booths,That sell:
 This is the den item/Plushie booth!(Now there are frog plushies,I took this picture yesterday. :)
And theres also a Clothing/Neckless booth! :D I really badly want the Lollipop neckless o3o.
                                              Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776