Sunday, June 3, 2012

New item!/OMG!A glitch that has NEVER happend before!!(I think!):D

 So, First today is the new item!The Giant giraffe plushie!!!!:D its soo cute O3O.
Where?-Conversation museum!
Use?-Giant stuffed animal (like those you win at carnivals)!Thats it about the new item...Not very exciting...But it is cute.............XD!Hey...Mabey we could win those at the Summer Carnival!
And,OMG! This is a suuper old picture...From like the day after horses came out...!(I know right soo old XD)Sorry i was really bad at taking pics back then...So its all blury...Anyway...!So I am in my den right?And if you look closley...(Click the picture to see a closer view!)Im in my den but...Somthing's wrong!See?The den symbol is STILL there!And also i promise you that i was in my den!?.!Yeah,..I think thats all for today!

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

P.S aww dang the TM sighn isnt working right now >.<

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