Monday, June 4, 2012

Rare monday!

Sorry, no time for a picture...umm the Rare monday item is a "Rare" star cape!And it is a great cape for the police hat lol,And have you seen the tabs at the top?Now i learned how to make tabs from Jenny7 Credit to her o3o.

Thanks for reading this suuuuuuper short post!-Mia776 ( My TM thing isnt working right now its a glitch witch makes it look like this: äÔ. wierd right?


  1. Welcome o3o! It was a reeeeeaaaaaaaly old comment O3O.And i my page's button was there when i started lol.

  2. XD i didint notice this...But my favicon, looks like animal jams favcon!XDD and i didint even do it on purpose XD


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