Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Carnival Part 1!

 So,Today im doing a Summer Carnival tour :)!How you get there is on your party list!You just click on the giant "Summer carnival"And i like da music o3o XD.
 When you get there,And go right.There is a little place where you can print out pictures! (aka games like Funny Fil Ins,and like whats diffrent typed things...)You can also pretend to draw.
 There is a game called phantom ball!(I will alot more of a better post later...And when i do that one i will delete this one...)Anyway,There are some prize booths,That sell:
 This is the den item/Plushie booth!(Now there are frog plushies,I took this picture yesterday. :)
And theres also a Clothing/Neckless booth! :D I really badly want the Lollipop neckless o3o.
                                              Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

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