Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Tour of the Freedom Party!

Hey Jammers! Today I have brought to you a tour of the Freedom Party! There was a Freedom Party a couple of hours ago and I decided to stop in and take some pictures for you guys. So without further a due, here is a tour of the Freedom Party!
 Here is what it looks like when you walk in...
 Here is the party over to the left side...

Notice the pretty fireworks. This might become the blog header for Freedom Party theme. What are your thoughts on this idea? Comment down below! :)
 Futher to the Left, there is a shop which sells...
 Fireworks! Yay! I love these items :3
 Also, around the party you may see these things. Click on each one to get a different thing!
 If you click the first one, you get a little sparkler floating next to your animal...
 If you click the second one, you get a mini firework next to your animal. How cute! ^.^
 And lastly, if you click the third one, you get a row of exploding fireworks. xD
 Also, there is another shop located on the far right side of the party that sells...
 Freedom animal hats! My favorite is the Freedom Cat hat.
 Also, there are three very nice picnic blankets spread out around the Freedom Party.
Bye Jammers! I hope this post was helpful to you! Did anyone notice my storage account on the far left? The Koala named Leaping Daringclaw? xD

P.S. (Update as of 6/27) I got a lion yesterday!! Post about that coming soon ^.^

Friday, June 14, 2013

BREAKING JAMAA NEWS! : New animal; Kangaroo!

BREAKING JAMAA NEWS! Okay that was random :L. Anyhow. There have been sightings of a new animal in Jamaa! 
 A Kangaroo! I love love LOVE these animals very much! However, I am sad to say that they will be only sold in Australia on AJ membership gift cards at selective Game Stop stores. Sorry American+Canadian Jammers. Btw, this Jammers username is HAPPYSEAL5555, but please don't freak out around her. I am positive that everyone needs their space, and she does as well. I am American, and I really really want a Kangaroo, but I cant get it. I guess this is how Canadian Jammers felt about Snow Leopards and Arctic Wolves. Looks like I will be on Ebay a lot from now on :L.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Rare HD Television

Hey Jammers. I just thought I would post about today's RIM (Rare Item Monday) because ti is the first rare item monday den item! Just to clear things up, it is the first Rare Item Monday Den Item, not the first rare den item.
I love love love LOVE the colors! Well that shade of blue is my second favorite color. Sorry for the ugly red price tag, btw. It could have been green if I had 330 more gems xD. But it's summer, no more math!! Anyhow, I will be posting more in the summer (which it is summer) and more exciting this than this post. Also, I finished the Percy Jackson series! Those, I swear are the best books I've ever read. Now I'm reading the second series, the Heroes of Olympus. See you later Jammers!

New sign off banner!!