Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Misty" Chapter 4

As the sun rose and the gang woke,again same order at last time.They all got up and started running...2 HOURS LATER...The gang went to a holt,as they saw a lone horse.Who had a light orange wave like pattern,and an orange horse indeed.Then,as if the horse had been an old friend of Misty's,walked up to misty.And said "Hello,my name is Sunset,I've been looking for a horse group for ages...C-c-can i join?"Said the horse.And Misty's reply was "Sure!But...we have to cross Blanc first" And Blanc shot back,"Heyyy!Well...i am the main decision  maker around here"."Umm...not really Blanc...She has to go threw all of us you know..!"Said Sunshine.Misty turned to Sunset (the new horse) and said "Ok,your good for now you can be apart of it!But...Beware of Blanc..."  "Hey!gosh I'm just a white horse"Said Blanc. "With attitude"Said Mittens hesitantly.Blanc shot back immediately "HEY YOU KNOW I MIGHT HAVE A BIT OF ATTITUDE,BUT I AM JUST A HORSE!" Misty and Mittens exchanged a worried glance.As soon as they approached a dry spot for the night everything was fine with Blanc and everything!

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P.S sorry :( short chapter!

New item!/Random picture!

 So,today we have lots of pictures!(Like yesterday lol)And this is the new item!Sorry my camara takes really bad computer pictures :D.Anyway the new item is a Giraffe banner!& i dont have photo editer...& im really bad at taking pictures!XDBut it is....*drum roll*Once again...A giraffe Banner!
And this is my friend Ravenpaw!Credit to her!(Her blog is this picture is at least 4 months old XD.And back whent he horse party FIRST came out!It was "Super cool" to go into the horse party as another animal (besides a horse LOOL)Anyway...Speaking of horses!I will do chapter 4 soon! :D

P.S please comment o3o allthough you dont have too.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Omg 600 views! oh wow! :D oh by the way im going to show you the picture i drew o3oI drew that :D...I've gotten to be a better drawer now...XD1Thats my bunnie in her main outfit :Aqua bow,Dark blue neckless,Aqua cuffs,& Aqua stars.And my old eyes XD.aww dang i did the badge on the wrong side XDD but i made a mess-up over there so....XDAND A VERY HAPPY 600 VIEWS TO MEE! :D i will update this post later with a picture :D i figured out that I CAN use my camara with this website :DDDDDDDD

& this is the picture of me having a 600 Views party! O3O no1 showed up XD!Cuz no1 really got invited XDD it was only for picture purposes :D!And i found out how to get pictures on here!:D i might TRY to do pictures everyday but i dont know...

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Monday, May 28, 2012

"Misty"Chapter 3/Some people REALLY need to stop!

So before i start the Misty chapter 3 of the book,I would like to say somthing STOP BULLYING OTHER PEOPLE!This morning i was on aj peacefuly looking at my jam a grams then i get one that says "Diva your mean!I am going to report you!"And i did NOTHING DX! NOTHING AT ALL! I just have one thing to say: "STOP THE BULLYING! pass it on!"! No really people,Its not funny when you pull pranks on people,Or tease them.Its not funny D: .I've been bullied before and it is really sad.Anyway...back to misty!As the gang wolke the next morning,The clouds were gleaming with sun,As if it had never rained.The sky was the sky blue color it allways was,And flowers were starting to bloom!Again,Sunshine was up first then Blanc,Then (because Blanc wolk him up)Mittens was up.And lastly,Misty!But,of course...Blanc was waking Misty up.So as soon as they all set off,Blanc started telling them to hurry before all the humans wake up.So it was quite a rally,To be honest.As soon as they approached a  deserted looking place,The gang took a break.But of course Blanc was hurrying them up saying thing's like: "C'mon Misty,run like theres no tomorrow!" And also "Uhg,You can do that later!" also "OMG SAVE IT!Gosh your taking forever,You could just eat later." And that caused them all to say "No we cant eat later,we're hungry dude do you understand hunger?"Groaned Sunshine.And Misty simply said "I dont want to run that fast Blanc my legs will ache".And last of all Mittens said in a sort of whisper "I'm not in the mood for walking or running."So Finally! About an hour later,The gang set off.

Thanks for reading this half story half post!-Mia776™ (i added the ™)But my Aj username is Mia776 still :)

Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D/550 Views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:DDDD

Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D,Thats really all i wanted to say :D.I will do some links also :3!Lovelosts Another link Ok that WAS  a link lol.Ravenpaw's there!there are links!And i got 550 Views i think i will stop doing the for example "450 views" think i will only do for example "500 views or 600 views!"!Is that ok?I will make a new poll...Soon XD...

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Friday, May 25, 2012

"Misty the horse" Chapter 2

As the sun rose on the horizan,The gang started off,First up was Sunshine (who never slept) Next up was Blanc then Misty,And last up was Mittens.Allthough mittens didint like running very fast.But he was good at it.So they set off running it was a cold,foggy morning.The gang,Hoping to make it to a safe dry land before mid morning,Set off at sunrise.So about 2 hours later they reach a DIFFRENT ranch.As they ran past bunches and loads of people,They made there way to the country side.Witch was very peacefull a great place to stop and look for spare horse feed.So the gang found a small morsle of horse feed and all shared it.As soon as they finished they set off again.And made there way to an old hay burned down shack.As soon as they sat down there was bunches of chatter "Uhg that was alot of galloping,Im glad we FINALLY get to sit down"Said Blanc.And Misty's reply was "Sorry,I was leading I tend to go fast sometimes"Then blanc shot back "Exuse you?Im the fast one here please" And Misty replyed with "Ok,I've got to Admit you are faster than me." then quickly Misty shot a glance at Blanc and sure enough,She was bubbling with pride.

Thanks for reading "Misty the horse"!-Mia776/Misty :3

Uhg Nothing to post about!

NOTHING TO POST ABOUT! Brb i'll go find somthing... There! Its the other picture of a bunnie!I will be gone for a while also :( I will be gone half of today :(.And all of tomorow and half of sunday :) :(.Anyway...Back to the picture! So,I plan on submitting it! and i will make a new picture ( a better one because i allready made a post about this one XD) so i am going to delete this post after i D-R-A-W the other 1 XD

Thursday, May 24, 2012

500 VIEWS!!!/Somthing we have ALL been waiting for ...THE UPDATE!/Why does Aj allways give my gifts for important days??XDD

So,THANK YOU EVERY ONE :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I HAVE 500000 VIEWS! Ok mabey no that many but i have 510! I mean its like a dream come true!Anyway! thank you all the people who views my blog bunches of times!!!:D YAY! NOW TO THE VERY IMPORTANT THING THE.....................Ok i will give you a hint it starts with an U and ends with an E!U-p-d-a-t-e!!!!!YAY!So there is going to be a summer carnival!!Omg i cant WAITTT!lol,Anyway...Also you can now play as giraffes on aj!And now the animal museum is called...The conversation museum :/.ALSO my second favorite part of this update is.....THE NEW BUNNIES ONLY PARTY! Omg it is sooo cool!It reminds me on alice in wonder land XD.And there is a journey book for coral canyons!And the prize is a cactus chair...Its looks SUUPER painfull to sit on XD.And also now in the DEN version of Phantom Invasion you can get "RARE" Phantom toys!But mabey they are rare...XD!ALSO OMG OMG OMG OMG! You can now buy ALL dens for HALF THE PRICE!Omg people if you have dreamed for a castle den or any den and your to lazy to get all the gems (Like me XDD) I say you get a go on those castle dens there only 3000 gems now!They used to be 6000! :D.And congratz to Awesome Speedywolf for winning the den furniture contest!And his or her's item was a rocking seahorse!And the summer carnival is ALL summer long! :DDD im just soooooo happy right now BEST DAY EVER!

Thanks for reading this awesome post!-Mia776

P.S More Misty to come soon!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Misty The Horse"Book 1 Chapter 1!

Misty sniffed the hot air inside the barn.Misty peered at Mittens who was getting abused by there owner a human who had never EVER been kind to them,& had never let them get a fresh breath of air for there whole lives!Mittens stared back with a kind of  look to say "Help me Misty help!".Misty neighed as if the poor horse was getting killed.The farmer was so starled that he knocked into the door and BAM! The door opened and in came the fresh air and apparently the farmer forgot to tie up the horses so all at the same time Whoosh! All the horses ran out! Including Blanc and Sunshine.Blanc,who had been sleeping,Went up like the the ground was blowing up.On the other hand Sunshine,Ran like a race horse to be free!Suddenly the horses started bounding at the fence as to break it!As they knew that the farmer was chasing them they ran so fast they were unbeatable!So as they ran Mittens stopped short.Nobody seemed to notice but Blanc.Blanc ran over to Mittens and simply said "Come on Mittens you don't want to lose this race"And Mittens reply was: " 'Blanc,You know this isnt a race!Besides look who IS at the back it isnt me" Blanc looked back and sure enough Blanc realized that it wasn't Mittens at the back of the group she seemed to have forgotten that Sunshine was ALWAYS tired.Allthough it was raining the gang could see a Blue sky ahead.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2! I will be making them much more often now ;D

Thanks for reading Misty The horse!-Mia776/Misty :3

Sunday, May 20, 2012

New serries! (About horse's)

So the new Series is called "Misty" And i really like it because,Well...It all started about 20 minuites ago when i got inspired By Aj to make a picture of a horse (my best one in my life! :D) And  i decided to make it on my blog and ya so thats how it started and thats how it will stay XD.And anyway...The story is about a horse named Misty and here is its profile & Misty's friends

Comes from:Appondale
Colors:a little more darker then tan coat,Dark brown maine and hooves,Black eyes.
Gender:Unknown (XDD)
Personality:Adventurous,Playfull,Scared of butterflys.(XD)
-My horse (Misty)
Comes from:Coral Canyons
Breed:Normal horse
Colors:Black coat,With black main,And dark sweet brown eyes.
Personality:Often tired,Laid back,Fast when she wants to be,Fierce,Lazy.(XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

Breed:Normal horse
Colors:White coat,And grey main,black hooves.
Personality:Fiesty,Caring,Good at horse races.
Comes from:Sarepia forest.

Name:Blanc (white in french XD)
Comes from:Somewhere outside jamaa
Breed:Mustang (wild horse)
Colors:White with white main and dark brown eyes,Black hooves.
Gender:Female,girl,etc XD
Personality:Fierce,Alert,Skiddish (like all horses are XD),GrumpyDosent really want sympathy when she is sad,Fast.
-Jenny7's horse (Blanc)

Colors:Orange,cream maine/tail,Light orange wave like pattern,Green eyes.
Personality:Nice,Kind,but PLEASE DONT MAKE HER ANGRY.
Breed:uh,I don't know any horse breeds,sooooooo Horsey?XD
-Ravenpaw's horse (Sunset)

Thats pretty much it!-Mia776™ (There is sighn ups open in the comments!) :)Also,sunce this post has been updated i will tell you somthing well here is the back story:Misty, Blanc, Sunshine, and Mittens, were stuck on an old Run down  farm,With a mean owner,And the mean owner treated them terribly to one day they desided to run away!Stay tuned for more on the REAL book :3!Thanks jenny for joining!(You can sighn up with a comment :D)And also Sunset will be added in chapter 4 of "Misty"

My Aj Bunnie Pictuer that i am going to (try XD it is getting really hard) Upload to aj!

That is the picture i am going to try to submit!Wish me good luck! ;).Hopefully it will work!And if it dosent i am going to update this post later saying either it worked or it didint work!Sorry,This is a really short post!Also i wont be doing on Aj Or blogging for 4 days next week :(.Or mabey i can........!!!!!!!! But probable not...Anyway the days are :Friday of next week saturday of next week and Sunday of next week AND part of monday next week :(.YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I Cant Belive it woo hoo!

New item! But its not the net item :/ /ALOT OF OTHER ITEMS TOO! :D X3/50th Post!

Before the item i would like to say somthing...!THIS IS MY 50TH POST! XD. The new item is...

Flat heated rock!

Where?-Claws N paws
Use?-Snake heating rock ( i think)

Like my new system i also forgot a few thing from a couple of days ago.What is the new item?

Moon neckless!

Where?-Jam-Mart Clothing
How it got envented?-My friend Ravenpaw asked for it! Mabey our questions do ( over time) Become real!She asked for either a Moon neckless or a star neckless! I would have liked bolth ;DDD

The next item is....

Snake skin!(soooo boring and wierd XD)

Where?-Claws N paws
Use?-Vertically no use or purpose just a Little no purpose den item 3:

Now we are done with our items XDD!Finally we are done with our items XDDDDDDDDD!!!!! Yay! that was wierd XD!Well...sadly it wasant my item i asked for BUT they are all great items! Except for the snake skin.....Well,Thats pretty much it!

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776  P.S Keep reading my post's!!!! :D :3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

450 views! (not very exciting lol)/Sun neckless/My clothing idea!/SUPER Late randomness day :3/MORE codes :D!

Ok so today there is pretty much nothing exiting. about 454 views XD. why did i bold that??? Anyway...There is a new sun neckless in Jam-Mart clothing.AND for the last thing today (also my late randomness day thing XD).My clothing idea for Aj!So i am all beachy in aj now for some unknown reason... (XD not really unknown its just because i bought all the beachy stuff at the Cruise ship party.Except the ship in the bottle & the Smoothie machine)Anyway back to the thing lol.Anyway,My idea is to make nets a back item! ( I know it could be terrible if clan people saw them and used them to kill each other >.<)BUT on the other hand...You could pretend to be a fish and you could ask a friend to fish you XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOL!!!! so funny.(to me mabey not to you XDD)Anyway now for a SUUUUUUUPER late randomness day :3!I Made the randomness picture :3.Its the best bunnie i have ever drawn in...well at least AGES XD.And the new codes are :Peskyphantoms & NGkidsroxs.Yes it IS spelled  ROXS ok? ok? XD!

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776     P.S Keep reading my post's ;D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New item!/Some random randomness XDD

Ok,So today is a VERY important day! (XD for no reson at all :) But kind of! :D idk im STILL happy from 400 vews hopfully we get 500 soon :D! Anyway, The new item is...

Life ring!
Where?-Cruise ship party (i think)
Purpose?-To safe someone's life! :9

A random list of stuff!

  1. Mia776
  2. Mia776
  3. Mia776
  4. Mia776
  5. Mia776
  6. Mia776
  7. Mia776
  8. Mia776
  9. Mia776
yay! That was a test!TEST ONLY! XD

(day dream)*Ahhh... *In day dream is eating candied bacon*Ahh...This is a good life!*Moved to crystal sands in day dream* *wakes up* Aww it was just a daydream :I XD! And i just live in da forest :/.

  1. Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776 (XD)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trading my viking hat (pink)For any color glove! (Exept Green & white or purple :)/New item! :D/A bunch of random stuffie :D!

:D So, Im trading my Pink Viking hat for any color glove! (or worn exept cream :) :D! Also i dont want a purple green or white glove please! Because i have them :) :D Idk why im sooooooooooo happy :D i am still happy from 400 Views!!!!!!!!!!!Anyway...The new item is...

Snake habitat!

Where?-Claws N paws!
Use?-Snake den/house!
:D dats the mabey new system :3! IM SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY :3 :D! :D :D :D

P.S i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want 500 views :D *day dream* Then only 500 more views intil i get 1000 views ahhhhhhhhh.........* Good old day dreams X3

Thanks for reading this Randomness filled post :D-Mia776 Happy Mia776 (XD)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

400 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SPEEDING ON DA VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD

YAAAAAAAAAY!Today is a very important day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD TODAY I GOT 400 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD CONGRATZ TO JENNY7 FOR GETTING 1000 VIEWS AND A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A MYSTERY PERSON! (Somthing to do with Ravenpaw) XD I DONT KNOW WHO! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YAAAAAY!!!!! YEE-HAW!!!SKIKAMAA A RANDOM WORD :)! :D yaaaaaay I GOT 400 VIEWS!!!!!!!! OMG ONLY 600 MORE AND I GET 1000 :DDDDDDD (i am growing with views so quickly :D!) But not as many comments...XD BUT WHO CARES! i mean about how many comments i get... OMGGGG YAAAY! I HAVE 400 VIEWS!!!!!! 400 I ACTULLY GOT 400 VIEWS YAAAAAAAAAAAY! I CANT WAIT TIL 500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! You know this blog has only been around for like a month or so...OMG SO MANY VIEWS IN JUST 1 MONTH! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! From this day forth i set a goal to have 1000 views by:July 5th 2012! yay my goal is set im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy :"""""D

thanks for reading this post filled with awesomeness :D-400 view Mia!

Monday, May 14, 2012


 So, Today i have EVEN MORE BETA PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And Credit to Ravenpaw for then her blog is!Anyway this picture is i think of kinda early ish you know march 2010? well that is if AJ started in january 2010 anyway
 Here is a lamp that used to be in Jamaa Township!I think it is an ocean den item now...Strange how beta items become a little bit difrent and become ocean items...
 This is the old medical center!I liked pretending i got a broken leg and the flu but having pups and that stuff is just plain 4 letters G-R-O-S-S ok mabey 5 XD
 This isnt Early beta because it has the fire but it still is beta! You see,in early beta there was rocks/stones where the fire pit is now.
This is the spot where Brady Barr's lab would be!But this used to just be a boring window XD kinda boring i mean once and a while you would see a butterfly XD.This window looked like this intil probable March 2011.
 This is the beta version of Crystal sands AND a Beta player card ;) But it appears to say when you look up zmonkey on your buddy searcher thing it says "oops this jammer does not exist please try again" or somthing like that.Crystal sands just looked like this intil July 2011!

P.S Rare monday is "rare" Mech angel helmet!!!!!!!Im sure it will be popular!So get yours before its gone!!!!!!! Sadly its members only....AND its orange XD (I shoudent care about that)

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book 1,Chapter3 The Beta bunnie!! :D(Sorry its a short chapter! ) :)

 One lovley Winter afternoon,The beta bunnie was enjoying a nice day at Temple of Zios with his/her  Friends Aj and Fuzzy.Or nevermind about Aj,She is on vacation in the new  desert!So then you know the beta bunnie got kinda bored staring at a giant post that held up Temple Of Zio's Famous elephant of course!So She/he decided to go back over to Fuzzy and talk with her.
 As you can see Fuzzy goes for a friendly etempt and simply says "Hey there" And the Bunnies responce is "Hi Fuzzy,Can we go to my den?"And sure enough Fuzzy's reply was "Of course! Why not?"So the Bunnie set off for the Bunnie's den.

 10 minutes later...The Bunnie and Fuzzy reach the Bunnie's den!And they walk inside
So,Now there inside! Home!Well...At least the bunnie is home...Not Fuzzy...Fuzzy dosent live with the Bunnie....!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The end (Look out for the next chapter) It should be updated soon! (but im running out of pictures XD) And theres still 3!!!!!! books to go! actully 4....Im going to do five each with 5 chapters!

Anyway if you dont know the beta Bunnie caricters here they are!

The Bunnie!
The bunnie is the bunnie that us pretty much everywhere She/he dosent have a name! Well...Ok lets put it this way The Bunnies name is :"Bouncing" But! The bunnie HATES  that name so From then on she/he was called simply "The Bunnie"!Also The Bunnie does not have a gender even though it has boy eyes just make it whatever you want! :DThe bunnie is the main charicter!

Fuzzy is The Bunnies friend! Fuzzy is Aj's best friend. look for her erleir in the serries( if you want to hear about Aj (the panda)Then go to my blog archive!Although i have like 42 posts so good luck XD)Aj,Fuzzy,And The Bunnie are BFFL's.Aj and fuzzy are the ONLY  people (besides you who is reading this XD)That knows The Bunnies REAL name!!!!! Its a big secret so Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...*Whisper*Its bouncing!

Aj is Fuzzys BFF!And Aj,Fuzzy,And The Bunnie,Are BFFL's!Thats it Aj isnt in much of it...

New Charicter's !!
There might be new charicters added soon! :D

375 VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAY!

IM SOOOOOO HAPPY :D :D :D :D :D  ; D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Thanks For Reading This  cool AWESOME Post!-Mia776

XD Offer expeired/good news/The beta bunnie!

So,Today DA OFFER EXPEIRED XD! And my blog has been very popular (in my mind...) i think for the last few days im guessing that i  got like 30  view's this whloe week! EVEN ON MY BIRTHDAY I GOT LIKE 10 VIEWS lol thats alot for me in 1 day :3! XD...This post has been up dated! And another chapter of The Beta Bunnie! Will be updated later!

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ok boring stuff

YAY YAY YAY!!!!! AJ IS BACK ONLINE!!!!!! iN HONOR OF THAT IM SENDING EVERYONE WHO READS THIS A FREE MYSTERY ITEM (IN AJ XD)YAY (Please comment below if you read this post! i cant tell if you are reading this post right now!)ANYWAY YAAAY! AJ IS BACK ON! WOO! So now lets tone it down :3This is toned down :3 XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD lol randomness PURE RANDOMNESS!  Wow this post IS randomness aww foo i dont have anymore larger sizes of writing XD Anyway i dont think this post really has a point...Some people allready have Horse derby in PRO! oh there sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
LUCKEH! :3 lol XD soooooooooooo many ooooooooooooooooooooooooo's XD GIGGLEY MIA AGAIN :3 xD XDDD xD X3! Now for a random beta picture!

Thanks for reading this random post!-Mia776

Friday, May 11, 2012


Bye bye wolfy! XDDDD *wolf hits tree branch anf faints* XD Me:"i just knew it!"XDD pretty random... JUst another short but funny but random post :3

So this is todays randomness picture! AND *HUGE DRUM ROLL*RANDOMNESS DAY IS TUESDAY YAAAAAY! there was 1! no and 5 TOTALLYS YAYAAAY anyway,Todays randomness picture is as you can see an EPIC wind rider picture


SO,OMG OMG OMG OMG >.< -_- -.- Im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored right now because Aj is down for updates.Or as they say "A pesky pack of phantoms attacked animal jam please try again later!"Or somthing like that >.<.So im avousauly BORED OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!!And aj is down so the NEW item will have to be posted later >.<.OMG im sooooooooooooooooooooooo bored!Avoussauly UHG UHGGY >.<!XD! P.S The new item is in Claws N' paws it is "Wolven basket"Its for snakes i think...

Thanks or reading this boring post!-Mia776

P.S.S im going to go check Lovelost's aj blog (


Thursday, May 10, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOOOOOO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!YAAY! Anyway...OH i will have a birthday party in my den (saturday at 5:00 PM PACIFIC time P.S dont show up early in the morning XDD thats why i put PM not AM XDD)lol ANYWAY..BACK TO DA UPPPPPPDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEEEEEEE!Theres a new game called! "Jammer Derby" I just call it Horse Race.XD Jammer Derby is to much XD.And there is a new ocean den item contest (I will enter :3)*DRUM ROLL!* GIRAFFES HAVE BEEN ANOUNCED AS ANIMALSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAY! LOL BIG LETTERS now im back to normal :3. Sorry im exited :D -_- XD i am tierd from playing "Jamaa Derby" lol.ANYWAY! AND! A NEW PARTY!!!!!!! so head on  over in 2 hours and 37 minuites XD.Also its called the CRUISE SHIP PARTY!And what it has in the jamaa journal it looks like they sell INNER TUBES!AND A NEW TOWELYAY (I  luv  dat new towel XDD)And its the time of year..THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BEE!  (idk why i just did that XD)...And now the rare items  have a "rare"gold sticker typed thing i wonder if you have to wear the sticker 3:...AND my GLOVES dont even have rare stickers... -.0 its totally wrong because clover ear muffs dont have one MY WORN DOSENT HAVE 1!OR TURKEY HAT OR WITCH HAT OR MEDUSA MASK!!!!!!It might just be a glitch 3:or party hats or bow and arrows...NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE! ITS MY BIRTHDAY XD LOL No thats not what the notice is about its about that LEIS ARE GONE FROM STORES AND ALL THOSE CRAZY GLASSES!XDlol but it is my birthday!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New item/reminder! :P

First today! Is the new item! witch is YAY i have wanted this item FOREVER! A duckpond :DDDDDDD!And The reminder is The weekly update TYPO XD! weekly XD i mean every 2 weeks Aj does an update! (i think every1 know that X3)And the reminder is THE UPDATE IS ON MY BIRTHDAY! :D NO thats not it XD but it is...Anyway the reminder IS the update and Credit to myself for Remembering to check the stores  XD. Im thinking about making a randomness day!If there is going to be a Randomness day i would probable do it on Thursday or Tuesday...(I might no promises)

Thanks for reading this short little boring post :3-Mia776

Monday, May 7, 2012

Main animal changed:(actully i still got 3 XD)/Rare mondays

So, I still have xX3Xx 3 most used animals/MAIN animals So my main animals are :Fabulous Icylily Fuzzy Icyclaw & Fuzzy IcypetAka My bunnie my wolf and my koala (no order)! o3o.Also i have a glitch if you type "...We look alike." it will turn out as "...WW look alike." i just found that out after i found a CLONE  of my wolf.ALSO lets get to rare monday!OK *drum roll* Rare monday item is..........................."RARE" HEART LOCKET! Kinda cool but i've been seeing SOOO many Heart lockets! So, i woudent call them RARE anymore but mabey there not in stores but alot of people have them so....I dont know...And so i dont think theres anymore OH WAIT! You can find the Rare item monday item in the hot cocoa hut shop! (i am not counting pages it gets annoying -.-)

Thanks for reading this post! im going to go play super sort now!-Mia776

Sunday, May 6, 2012

ALOT if new stuff! (that i didint pay attention too XD)

So, Today we have stuff that i forgot about XD...Theres a new feature in Disc toss if you im guessing get 50 golden disc's! you will get a cool/wierd feature... (I like ...'s XD)There is a new Underwater firepit in sunken treasures! The fire appears to be blue..XD!And there is a Skeleton throne :D!And a tie off Ship tie off In sunken treasures!AND XD Theres a "scary" Unicorn Horn... Aj really likes the "scary" and "rare" thing >.<. Also theres a new version of the Bow And arrows item! Its the Golden Bow And Arrow! :D

Thanks for reading this post -Giggley Mia o3o

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yay! 267 views :/ :I Pretty L-A-M-E But its a sweet surprise be-cuz like 2 weeks ago i had like 27 views XD so sweet surprise :D but it's kinda lame but Happy 267 views to me! Happy 267 views to me! Happy 267 views to me! cha cha cha Happy 267 views toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MEEEEE!!!!!!!!! YAY!:D

P.S the update is on my birthday! :DDDDDD(May 10th) :D

:"C i just found out a sad peice of news :""""C

So, Today is a sad peice of news,I just figured out that my and Ravenpaw got scammed by the SAME scammer! although i was scammed in January 2011 So anyway lets hear  the story...So Yesterday i was looking at Ravenpaws storys (Ravenpaws mini blog her normal blog is if you press on her story tab scroll around and you will find her part of the story) So i figured out that THE SAME SCAMMER SCAMMED HER AND ME!Thats the terrible news and the scammers user is : DUNKAN. And PLEASE report Dunkan.Also what Dunkan scammed from Ravenpaw is a Beta tiki mask and lied "Im only 6 i dont know what a scam is" and later he/she said "btw im 12 Ha ha you just got scammed" :"C and to me i cant remember what Dunkan said but All i know is that Dunkan Scammed my black glove :"C so REPORT DUNKAN THE SCAMMER PLEASE!!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yet more of the beta bunnie! Book 1,chapter 2 :D/Jenny7's blog name changed! /sorry/New items+An idea just struck me!

SO YET ANOTHER STORY! yay i just love doing storys :3 Anyway,Today is a short story made up  by me! Also i am thinking about doing chapter books a chapter a day eh?Its your choice so vote on the poll (its gone):D!Also before i do the story im going to do all the new stuff!Also sorry i was gone for 2 days :( i was gone off busy i would have posted but no computers allowed also no DESK TOP COMPUTERS ALLOWED XD! i couldent even pack mine in a bag XD.Anyway back to the new stuff So there is a new skull fence and theres a new ship cannon AND a duck nest and May's monthly gift is a phantom invasion arcade machine!!!!

Ship cannon-Sunken treasures
duck nest-Claws N' Paws
Phantom invasion arcade machine (for den)-Become a member in may!
Skeleton fence-SPooky party

Turns out Jenny7's blog was renamed to Check it out its really cool!

YAY and now for the story DRUM ROLL! yay this story is called ima do it in big letters on the next bar!

A short story:The beta bunnie!

 Long ago in a far away land called Jamaa,Lived a bunnie, a beta bunnie .Anyway back to the story. so one day the bunnie was bored at Her/his den so she/he decided to go to jamaa township!And when she got there she thought "oh well im so bored what will i do.*sigh*Oh! wait i have an idea!"Then as the bunnie took off she/he ran as fast as she/he could! intil she reached won spot.
 The 1 spot the Bunnie LOVED was the fountain the most prettyest fountain the bunnie had ever seen!So then she went over to the fountain and starting dancing around it! (in this story 100 years ago in jamaa it was a tradition to dance around Jamaa's fountain XD)Then out of the quarter of the bunnies eye she/he saw her/his favorite clothing store! Jam-Mart clothing!So the bunnie rushed over.
 The bunnie rushed over swung open the door of Jam-Mart clothing and always loved the faint smell of sweet cinnamon buns! (that was random XD)Then the bunnie hopped over to the New items part of Jam-Mart furniture.
Then over there she/he was looking around and suddenly somthing caught her/his eye! It was Skully's! so at that moment she/he ran over to the casheer and asked for them and luckily they were only 10 gems! "Phew im glad they wearnt 183 gems!" As soon as the bunnie payed its gems it ran out the door with happieness hoping to show Fuzzy and aj her/his new Skully's!(if you dont know who fuzzy and Aj are they are the annoying pandas that actully just want to be friends with the bunnie.And end up befriending the bunnie)THE END!

Thanks for reading this story/post!-Mia776

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The beta bunnie!:3! Book 1,Chapter1

 One loveley winter afternoon a bunnie was getting home from a dance party!
 So she/he goes into its den and you know starts to check it (sunce you could not lock your den back then)
 You know no 1 is here and you know all calm,But suddenly! The bunnie heard a sound! the bunnie hopped in freakyness for she/he had never heard such a sharp sound in her/his life!
 So the bunnie went more down stairs to find...Aj and Fuzzy!!!!! The people that the bunnie had seen EVERYWHERE!
So then the pandas started chatting (like they allways do XD)And aj said "Have you decorated yet?" and simply the other panda's reply was: "no not yet" Then after there was nothing said exept a soft wisper and then the bunnie slowly said "Decorated for what?" And then Aj simply said "Well...The Jamaalidays are coming!" and then the bunnies soft reply was "Oh,Of course! The jamaalidays! How could i forget!" Then as the bunnie shooed the to pandas out the door,After the pandas were gone,The bunnie started rushing off to Jam-Mart Furniture and bought gifts for the 2 pandas Also went to sarepia forest and chopped down a small pine tree that would fit in Her/his den.Then the bunnie started to realize!"OH MY i forgot  to get a presant for myself" Then she/he rushed to Jam-Mart Clothing and quickly bought a white glove,Then headed back to her/his den and quickly wrapped all of it,Then on christmas morning she saw a presant under the tree and it said "From:Aj & Fuzzy!" Quickly the bunnie ripped it open and there it was her/his dream item! A TOP HAT! She/he was so exited she/he bought2 of everything in jam mart clothing!!!!! then the andas said thank yous and good-byes and they all lived happily ever after

Thanks for reading this book typed thing-mia776