Friday, May 25, 2012

"Misty the horse" Chapter 2

As the sun rose on the horizan,The gang started off,First up was Sunshine (who never slept) Next up was Blanc then Misty,And last up was Mittens.Allthough mittens didint like running very fast.But he was good at it.So they set off running it was a cold,foggy morning.The gang,Hoping to make it to a safe dry land before mid morning,Set off at sunrise.So about 2 hours later they reach a DIFFRENT ranch.As they ran past bunches and loads of people,They made there way to the country side.Witch was very peacefull a great place to stop and look for spare horse feed.So the gang found a small morsle of horse feed and all shared it.As soon as they finished they set off again.And made there way to an old hay burned down shack.As soon as they sat down there was bunches of chatter "Uhg that was alot of galloping,Im glad we FINALLY get to sit down"Said Blanc.And Misty's reply was "Sorry,I was leading I tend to go fast sometimes"Then blanc shot back "Exuse you?Im the fast one here please" And Misty replyed with "Ok,I've got to Admit you are faster than me." then quickly Misty shot a glance at Blanc and sure enough,She was bubbling with pride.

Thanks for reading "Misty the horse"!-Mia776/Misty :3


  1. LOL BLANC YOU SUCH A GRUMP XDDDD Omg Misty is so funny, and the arguments are hilarious XD

  2. XDDDDDDDDDDDD "Exuse you?Im the fast one around here"XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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