Monday, May 28, 2012

"Misty"Chapter 3/Some people REALLY need to stop!

So before i start the Misty chapter 3 of the book,I would like to say somthing STOP BULLYING OTHER PEOPLE!This morning i was on aj peacefuly looking at my jam a grams then i get one that says "Diva your mean!I am going to report you!"And i did NOTHING DX! NOTHING AT ALL! I just have one thing to say: "STOP THE BULLYING! pass it on!"! No really people,Its not funny when you pull pranks on people,Or tease them.Its not funny D: .I've been bullied before and it is really sad.Anyway...back to misty!As the gang wolke the next morning,The clouds were gleaming with sun,As if it had never rained.The sky was the sky blue color it allways was,And flowers were starting to bloom!Again,Sunshine was up first then Blanc,Then (because Blanc wolk him up)Mittens was up.And lastly,Misty!But,of course...Blanc was waking Misty up.So as soon as they all set off,Blanc started telling them to hurry before all the humans wake up.So it was quite a rally,To be honest.As soon as they approached a  deserted looking place,The gang took a break.But of course Blanc was hurrying them up saying thing's like: "C'mon Misty,run like theres no tomorrow!" And also "Uhg,You can do that later!" also "OMG SAVE IT!Gosh your taking forever,You could just eat later." And that caused them all to say "No we cant eat later,we're hungry dude do you understand hunger?"Groaned Sunshine.And Misty simply said "I dont want to run that fast Blanc my legs will ache".And last of all Mittens said in a sort of whisper "I'm not in the mood for walking or running."So Finally! About an hour later,The gang set off.

Thanks for reading this half story half post!-Mia776™ (i added the ™)But my Aj username is Mia776 still :)


  1. Heyo Mimio! Heh. Rhyme. I think you should make a separate blog for Misty, like I have a separate blog for Tiger's Stripe and whatnot. But I would like to sign up for Misty :D

    Name: Sunset
    Colors: Orange, cream mane/tail, light orange wave-like pattern, green eyes.
    Personality: Nice, kind, but PLEASE DON'T MAKE HER ANGRY.
    Gender: Girl
    Breed: Uh, I don't know any horse breeds, soooooo horsey? XDD


  2. hi :D (i wont lol)XD horsey :D.Yeah...i'll ask my mom.She'll come in with chapter 4 in the situation of this one should i make her say: "i-i think Blancs right,we should go but i am a bit hungry" it that ok?And i will add her into the charicter page.I cant spell charicter....

    1. It's character. :3 And yes, that's fine ^0^

  3. ok XD im bad at that word XDD and thanks you

  4. Cute chapter ^^ and BLANC, YOUR TIRING OUT THE POOR HORSES!


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