Thursday, May 31, 2012

New item!/Random picture!

 So,today we have lots of pictures!(Like yesterday lol)And this is the new item!Sorry my camara takes really bad computer pictures :D.Anyway the new item is a Giraffe banner!& i dont have photo editer...& im really bad at taking pictures!XDBut it is....*drum roll*Once again...A giraffe Banner!
And this is my friend Ravenpaw!Credit to her!(Her blog is this picture is at least 4 months old XD.And back whent he horse party FIRST came out!It was "Super cool" to go into the horse party as another animal (besides a horse LOOL)Anyway...Speaking of horses!I will do chapter 4 soon! :D

P.S please comment o3o allthough you dont have too.

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776™


  1. Lol XD Do you have a Mac computer or Windows? For taking a good picture on a Mac, you press Command, then Shift, then 3. For a Windows, I have no idea at all. XD

  2. XD i have window XD allthough i wish i had a fast fast very fast mac XD


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