Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Misty The Horse"Book 1 Chapter 1!

Misty sniffed the hot air inside the barn.Misty peered at Mittens who was getting abused by there owner a human who had never EVER been kind to them,& had never let them get a fresh breath of air for there whole lives!Mittens stared back with a kind of  look to say "Help me Misty help!".Misty neighed as if the poor horse was getting killed.The farmer was so starled that he knocked into the door and BAM! The door opened and in came the fresh air and apparently the farmer forgot to tie up the horses so all at the same time Whoosh! All the horses ran out! Including Blanc and Sunshine.Blanc,who had been sleeping,Went up like the the ground was blowing up.On the other hand Sunshine,Ran like a race horse to be free!Suddenly the horses started bounding at the fence as to break it!As they knew that the farmer was chasing them they ran so fast they were unbeatable!So as they ran Mittens stopped short.Nobody seemed to notice but Blanc.Blanc ran over to Mittens and simply said "Come on Mittens you don't want to lose this race"And Mittens reply was: " 'Blanc,You know this isnt a race!Besides look who IS at the back it isnt me" Blanc looked back and sure enough Blanc realized that it wasn't Mittens at the back of the group she seemed to have forgotten that Sunshine was ALWAYS tired.Allthough it was raining the gang could see a Blue sky ahead.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2! I will be making them much more often now ;D

Thanks for reading Misty The horse!-Mia776/Misty :3


  1. Sweet, Blanc saw Sunshine! ^^ Thanks Mia for making my character so just 'in the story' :) This is a GREAT chapter! I can't wait for more!

  2. Thanks :) I will mabey even today before im gone :D

  3. P.S is it ok how im making Blanc?


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