Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Misty" Chapter 4

As the sun rose and the gang woke,again same order at last time.They all got up and started running...2 HOURS LATER...The gang went to a holt,as they saw a lone horse.Who had a light orange wave like pattern,and an orange horse indeed.Then,as if the horse had been an old friend of Misty's,walked up to misty.And said "Hello,my name is Sunset,I've been looking for a horse group for ages...C-c-can i join?"Said the horse.And Misty's reply was "Sure!But...we have to cross Blanc first" And Blanc shot back,"Heyyy!Well...i am the main decision  maker around here"."Umm...not really Blanc...She has to go threw all of us you know..!"Said Sunshine.Misty turned to Sunset (the new horse) and said "Ok,your good for now you can be apart of it!But...Beware of Blanc..."  "Hey!gosh I'm just a white horse"Said Blanc. "With attitude"Said Mittens hesitantly.Blanc shot back immediately "HEY YOU KNOW I MIGHT HAVE A BIT OF ATTITUDE,BUT I AM JUST A HORSE!" Misty and Mittens exchanged a worried glance.As soon as they approached a dry spot for the night everything was fine with Blanc and everything!

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776™

P.S sorry :( short chapter!


  1. XD Ahhh, Blanc. Very nice chapter! This story inspired me to make a new blog about horses: Coming soon, though XD

  2. :DD :D thanks you o3o :D i will look at it o3o

  3. P.S if i figure out how to make tabs,I will make misty a seprate tab...:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.And thanks you for the compliment :D


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