Monday, September 22, 2014

A Throwback

Hey Jammers!!

Mia here. Today I re-found my very old account that I used to use during the beta days! I had completely forgot about her, but today I just randomly remembered. I'll post some of the old Jam-A-Grams, and a few other things. :)
 Here she is. I haven't designed her in 3 years, so that's why there is all the pink... xD. Also, her name is "rare" because a few years ago AJHQ decided to remove 'Rosey' from the name choices. However, it was replaced by a new spelling of the word-- 'Rosy'.
Now for the Jam-A-Grams!

 :') oh my zios THE MEMORIES! xD This was a trip down memory lane, and I now realize how much AJ has changed. I wish AJ hadn't changed so much, as I prefer the 'old times'. xD
This is Mia, signing out. (: