Monday, April 30, 2012


 So Even more beta pictures! im on a roll here! XD! back in the beta days :3 you could use the name mate witch sounds wrong XD also all the things in the clothing are NON MEMBER! omg soooo Rare! XD and nm cuffs! XD i got that cat hat! woo hoo next 1!
 So this player appears to not be a player anymore! creepy but true!!! next one!
 OMG SO MANY DEN PICTURES! im going to make a story soon with all thease Beta pic's so here is the first beta den won!
 Ahhh..... this is the life XD yeah see? the cactus was beta!
Omg bottem level this is TOTALLY the life :3
 SO WIERD so the panda's aj name is..:AjGuidefoo! XDDDDDDDDD such wierd names back then...
And last by the fountain and do you see that jam mart clothing was ALL the way over there XD wierdness also i used to L-O-V-E the purple pillow in the pillowroom! (i still do XDDDDD)P.S i got XD problems XD giggley Mia HYPER MIMI! :I i challange myself to be quiet for 10 minuites starts right now!!!!!                                              *thinks I NEED TO LAUGH!*

*thinks:C-ya people XD**thinks credit to jenny7 for the pictures her blog is!*

More beta pictures!/new item

 So today there here is MORE beta pictures!Anyway for this picture it is wind rider! not much diffrent, But the 2 diffrent things are the wolf is an orangey color... And there are BRANCHES! highly dangoures people XD
So, the only thing difrent about this one is that it is BACKWARDS after beta Aj turned it around and i thought it was a glitch XD but then it stayed that way for a while and then i just lived with the fact that it was the wrong way XD
 on this one as you can see is the second picture of Zios Not diffrent at all exept there is a monkey statue instead of the Zios pit! I remember that i used to think (when i started aj) That temple of zios was a jail where you stay there forever XD!
 This is the old crystal sands witch baisicly isnt old Exept it got changed in July last year (2011) And some of them have wierd colors of clothes and stuff!
 Here is chamber of knowlage only In beta it was called Chamber Of Mysteries! Also it was only 2 floors.No Fancy shop at the top.
Old sarepia forest :D this is my second favorite (Along with beta jamaa township) The 2 things that are difrent about this one is (I dont THINK it had a slide)But it might have i dont know...

Ok So thease are the most inexpensive item  in AJ HISTORY!!!!!!! lemme repeat that AJ HISTORY!!!!!!!!XD sorry thats a HUGE deal (not really) XD Sorry laughing problem XDDDDD sorry i just made a big deal out of nothing also they were all removed after beta and they were a tail item.Sorry thats all i know!

P.S facts about me in beta: I had pink stars and the round black eyes that bunnies come with.2:I Have had my green glove sunce beta (gloves were 25 gems back then >.< the good old days) 3: i have known Jenny7 and MoonInTheMorning/NekoKitty Sunce beta! :D4:I never knew about my den intil my 3rd week on Aj XD5:(this has nothing to do with ME! XD) there were pillows in the claw!6:I used to think temple of zios was forbidden and you will get reported if you go there XD.7:Once in the pillow room some1 sent me a free black glove! :D8:SOme1 scammed my glove the same week D": terrible9:There is a new rare monday item in stores called "pigtails" only there braids >.<10:!!!!!!! I was around when mt shiveer came out and appondale and the ocean and all those typed places 11:Coral canyons was not there all the time it came later a little after beta (i also remember when it came out) XD C-ya

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beta Pictures!!!!!

The old beta clothing theese were the OLD colors of clothing so you cant but them anymore :(Also on all the pictures if you look closely there are difrent symbols like instead of the newspaper it was a journal and theres a wierd hammer and shovel on the left kinda wierd XD
 Here is my favorite the old jamaa township!
 see this one is the ENTRANCE to some1's den (Player den) The old dens were three storys and there were no members (i dont think i was only a beta tester for like 3 days >.<)
Wow temple of zios some of thease colors are diffrent too! im sooooooooooooooo happy i finally have pictures :D Credit to Lovelost for the pictures off her blog Thats it for right now!-Mia776

Sorry :(/new items from yesterday and today!

So, Yesterday i pretty much forgot about my blog XD.And anyway, So todays (and yesterdays) New items are Duckie pillow, Grassy worms (eww XD), Duck crossing sighn,Ghost window,(todays items!)Compass,Phantom neckless,

Now i will do where they are from:

Duckie pillow-Claws N' paws (top level and click on the dog house)
Grassy worms-Claws N' paws (top level click on the dog house)
Duck crossing sighn-Claws N' paws (top level click on the dog house)
Ghost window-Spooky party (furniture shop on the first floor)
Compass-Sunken treasures
Phantom neckless-Spooky party! Clothing shop (top level)

Good luck XD 

P.S should i start doing this comment below if you think i should! Special thanks to Jenny7 for great advice! :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

WATCH OUT FOR THE MEDUSA BUNNIE!/new item/furniture item/my idea for parties!

os, yadot XD so, today ima do things backwards :3 So Here is my partie idea!:Bunnie's only partie please!I would also like to see Holiday parties! Just an idea! -Fabulous Icylily"Done :3 :I kinda dumb but i think it will work, Sunce every1 is asking for bunnies only partys :D. Even my aj/real friends XD.Anyway... Next thing..WARNING WARNING!watch out for the medusa bunnie she will haunt u >:3 FOREVER!!!!!!!XDAhhhh............ Better :3 There is a new crown in Epic Wonders :3.ALSO XD (forgot to post this in the update XD) There is a new furniture item! :D! CleverClaws Dresser! (Congratz to Miss  Cleverclaw for winning the furniture contest!!!!!!!!!!)

Thanks for reading this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Mia776

P.S im hyper so if i forgot anything then can you tell me? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yay!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE DAY! So today for the update there is a new game with your pet snake: sssssnake XD i had 2 count the s's XD s's Anyway... There is a new party! called The Spooky Party!  And again dont forget that Bunnie's are limited time only! :(.Anyway Back to the good stuff :3!Monthly Member gift for May Will be Phantom invasion machine!And There is a new appondale journey book and the prize is ACIA PET TREE XD caps :3.AND the most important is............ DUN DUN! (in a good way :3) UNDER WATER BEST DRESSED!!!!!!! WOO HOO! thats totally awesome :3 and click here to go to the daily explorer Bye bye-Mia776 im outa glitches :C bye bye :3.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy birthday to Maya3060/The strike of the old/new kitchen XD/P.S

So, First today is YAY!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAYA3060!!!! shes so awsome :D!Hey typewriter writing WOO old fashioned.XD i love that writing!(odd and i kinda dont XD i just wanted to) omg somethings wrong with my writing :p.i'll fix that later :3. And also, THE EVIL CAKE BAKE KITCHEN IS BACK! XD its not really evil i just like saying that :3! The kitchen that bakes a cake that is 4500 Gems -.- WARNING!dont waste your gems -.-.But you can cuz its awesome XD i might buy it :3.

P.S Sorry, :C 2 bad things, 1:Sorry, Im all out of glitchys :C2: i have to be gone for 2 days (May 2 and may 3) So that means (this is the worst part) I HAVE TO MISS THE UPDATE! Its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad :C.Now to cheer you all up :D i think i will soon have a quiz AND tabs at the top of my blog :D Credit to Jenny7 for teaching me how to make tabs!:DDDDDDDDDD

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rare monday -.- such a rip off XD/new video

Well today is rare monday and Aj Thinks that spiked hair is rare -.- with did they forget??? ITS IN STORES!!!!!!!!! Well ok im a little let down for how wierd this rare monday is... (Kinda XD) Anyway!!!! And for those of you who didint know, There is a new video in Tierneys aquariem!(pop off sattlite archival tag)Its kinda new. So yeah! Here are Some random links to random people/friends blogs there are some links sunce it was pertty boring i decided to make it non boring so you can look at theese blogs too!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New stuff/Happy earth day/glitch update.....

So i will do glitch first so yesterday i was at the horse party and there were too dolphins and they said (as i remember) (they might have lied) They said that all the horses at the horses only party were swimming! Might/might not be true, (probable not true but mabey..............) Anyway... some of the glitches dont work anymore :( AND most importantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!  YAY!So anyway... there is a new shell chair in sunken treasures XD i almost called it bahari bargains AND there is a new angler fish hat in BAHARI BARGAINS!!!!!! XD im getting SOOOOOOOO mixed up -.-.Anyway OOPS XD i forgot to do Jammer royalty this week XD well i guess it was a day late. Well i have to go on Aj!/Do jammer royalty first XD


P.S i might not tell you tierney aquariem glitch.... Only i probable will tomorrow ;D cya

Saturday, April 21, 2012


So there is alot of new stuff! Lets start with the oldest! So aj brought back flippers, And TRAIN SETS!!!!!!! yay! Omg im sooo happy :P. And theres a new anchor you can buy at the under water furniture shop... And (OMG im soo sorry i have been sooooo busy the last few days so i coudent do blogging or Aj :"C but now im back! :D) AND XD!!!!!!! You can buy a propeller cap  at the Alantis party!AND OMG SOO MUCH STUFF! So Aj brought back the panda hat! (not really to exiting it looks the same as the monkey hat to me XD :P)AND there is new seaweed that you can buy for your under water den!!!!! AND XD there isnt anything else :P :/ Sorry, No glitch today! (i don't feel like it XD) and i might do 1 tomorrow or later today mabey.....So anyway Bye!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

new stuff/turns out...

YAY first is new stuff! woooooooooo (Kinda XD) So the new stuff is there is a lava lamp at the atlantis party (for your under water den XD) Anyway..... So the next thing is at Claws N' Paws you can buy a new "Doggie" door XD why did they choose doggy? XD! Anyway and turns out i know the epic wonders glitch and tierneys aquariem glitch AND the horse party glitch/Barn glitch XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway... XD Here is the epic wonders glitch you stand nest to the green crystal ball (or the one on the top floor i forget witch won is green or if there bolth blue) i don't keep track of that stuff...Back to the glitch! so you click on some1's player card. Then click the horse carving on the wall the 1 closest to the window not the door the WINDOW ok people XD. And then while running do the buddy game thingy (sorry no time to explain it -.-)

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rare mondays/Did you know.......?

First is Rare monday item is..... Jolly Elf Hat!!!!!! yay..... they totally embraced the hole "rare" thing its so annoying...Anyway...and geuss what???? YAY! THIS IS THE REAL YAY WOO! *drum roll* YAY OMG SOOOOO HAPPY THE SILVER BAR IS FOR NON MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sooooooo happy about that anyway sorry peeps im out of glitches thst i know..... I don't know jamaa township,sarepia forest,or crystal sands, or i don't think any of the mini rooms Sorry :(

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ok, So today there are like 10000000000000 new items!First,(And my favorite) Horse party Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! TODAY SEEM'S LIKE AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So anyway.... Now Epic Wonders sells a silver bar and the Sport's Car is back :D :D!!!!!! I need one :P. At Claws N' Paws you can buy a new dog toy Just simply called a dog toy :P XD.And for the last thing they brought back the Beta Globe but now its underwater XD i really don't know why they did that.....Also todays glitch is *drum roll* Coral Canyons (Normal Glitch) glitch! XD normal glitch glitch XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD  XD XD I Laugh to much lol!Anyway so I DID THIS GLITCH! What do i have left lol
Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

Saturday, April 14, 2012

hat/dog stuff/Monkey hat's

So at the atlantis party there is a new base ball cap typed thing i forgot the name i will update this post after i find out the name XD. And there is a new dog item "Dog mat" it looks more like a dog BED not a dog MAT XD. That was soooo random im made of randomness XP lol i don't really know why i just said that.....Anyway...Back to the new stuff the monkey hat is back in stores! (i  think it came in on thursday but whatever XD and i might also have posted somthing about it before so i dont know...

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

P.S awww i got logged out of aj oh poop XD

Friday, April 13, 2012

new stuff/bunny

Ok, the new stuff is there is a dog bowl in Claws n' Paws.And there is also there is a new desk called the "writing desk" and bunnie's are limited time only so get one while there around!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

update/monkeys are gone :C/REPORT HER

Report expert60191.She was really mean to my friend :C and did some stuff she called my friend a pest and that stuff you can check my friends blog Yeah anyway that was the sad part here is the good news...! THE UPDATE CAME! so now Jammers can have BUNNIES as pets! :D and AWWWWWWWWWWWW the cutest part about the bunnies at pet stop you can get a mini chick to follow your bunnie AWWWWWWWWW its soooooooooooooooooo cute :3 anyway... that was me over reacting there XD.a new game you can play with your pet duck Duckie Dash:3i personaly think this game has too many branches and stuff.AND! there is an ocean party im so exited about that :3.There is a new contest so that you can design the next furniture item :D yay i can't wait to see who wins... because im going to buy it whatever it  is XD.Dr Tierney Thy's made new vid's and she FINALLY responded to the vid's that people sent in.AND now there are pet den items! and for the sad new's..... :"C Monkeys have been extinct so im sad to say but i have not been seeing many monkeys today :"C go to the daily explorer to find out more lets make a link XD kinda a wierd name.... Anyway... for today's glitch Mt. shiveer glitch so stand on the ledge near the door way to crystal sand's press on the left side of the gems near gem breaker on the wall 3.while running do the buddy game thingy. (If you do not know the buddy thingy here it is ok so you press on some1 then you press buddy games then you click a random
buddie game then you quickly press cancel) and your animal should end up near the door to crystal sands! Note:if you actdently go into crystal sand's its not my fault

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NOTICE/new music/normal canyon's glitch/OMG I WAS IN KANI COVE AND

o the notice is,GET YOUR MONKEYS BEFORE THEY ARE EXTINCT THEY WILL BE EXTINCT TOMORROW THURSDAY APRIL 12TH 2012 SO GET YOUR MONKEYS TODAY!Anyway.... So here is the glitch! So you stand on the 3rd to lowest step. then you click under best dressed. then while running you do the buddy game thingy. (If you do not know what i am talking about this is how -.- i hate doing this :/ anyway so you press someones name tag then you press buddy games click what ever buddy game you want then you quickly press cancel) Then you should end up on the water fall but if you keep running then click behind you to steady yourself ;D! And now for the item................... Kani Cove Music!I love Kani Cove :9. And then the clone thing so right now in kani cove there are soooooooooooooooooooo many clones of 2 people it was soooooooooooooooo wierd... there was 3 of each person anyway thats all i have today so c-ya!-mia776

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

zio's glitch/this is a glitched up den!

OMG First check out pizzadrop's den its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Glitchy! and second (the old "Rare" glitch) *drum roll* :D :D :D Zio's glitch!so you stand in the middle of the door to brady barr's lab and the window to chamber of knowledge then click on the door then the window the door then the window this can be a hard glitch but if you are a first time person then you might have trouble but you will get the hang of it! (No buddy game thing envolved in this one!) AND OMG THIS IS THE TERRIBLE PART! people are going WAY to far with clans i looked at Ravenpaw's blog and Jenny7's blog And there are people that are in clans who say "rips arm off no miss" It is not right and nobody want's to read it i know this clan thing has somthing to do with madjaster and the book set "warriors" and all but seriously people stop making clan's this ugly some people say "k-ll's no miss" Its Terrible :C Please stop! i will start a protest about this! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Please stop PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE DIAL IT DOWN! or if you wont stop clans just please just DIAL IT DOWN!

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

P.S OK!!! The next glitch is the coral canyons glitch not sky glitch just the glitch :D

Canyon's sky glitch/New items/Wizard hat

Hey Jammer's! So, *drum roll* Yay! Canyons sky glitch Woo! So you stand on the right corner of were sky high is, (not the little rope the big rope) Then you click near the map, Then you do the buddy game thingy, And you should end up on the wall!(If you don't know what the buddy game is read here ok you click some1's name tag then you press buddy game's(make sure your on the same server!) then you quickly press cancel) And the new item is..... Pillar with a vase! And the wizard hat is gone from jam mart furniture AND i think this thursday is the update! Don't blame me if im wrong im gonna check. YAY! The update is on thursday mabey the Mystery Bahari bay room will come alive! I Don't know about though mabey a new land! we haven't had that for a while.... And i think new stuff! mabey a new pet! mabey a new animal no nevermind we just got a new animal... they are doing them to often now...Happy birthday to meh dad :3

P.S The next glitch will be Zios!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Canyons pathway glitch!

So here is the canyon's pathway glitch you stand on the far edge of the rock/at the back. Then you click the entrance to crystal sand's then do the buddy game thingy while walking.(If you don't know the buddy game thingy here it is! ok so you click some1's player card *Make Sure Your On The Same Server!* then while running to where i asked you to click you quickly press buddy games then press whatever buddy game you want them quickly press cancel after you have done that you should end up on the wall!) And yeah
Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

P.S tomorrow morning is canyons sky glitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D i know alot of you want to know it WOO!


I was looking in bahari bay.....

So, earlier today i was at Bahari bay about to play Eat 'Em Up. and i noticed somthing... that there was a door! im guessing some kind of shop mabey, like you know the tierney aquarium, ( if i spelled that wrong its not my fault my dad taught me how to spell it  no affence dad if u are reading this post :/) Anyway..... YAY! so im guessing somthing like tierneys aquarium or somthing i dont know mabey a place like claws n' paws i dont really know so the door is by Eat 'em up and Bahari bargains! :D so i think that will be a new room typed thing... and i think that they should have made Jam Mart furniture the arcade cuz it's like deserted XD! idk no one ever goes there if it is they are new and don't know anything about how you can buy furniture at your den.... i know it has nothing to do with the door HEY! WAIT! they could sell rare clothing! it could be an underwater pet wash!!!!!!!!! I don't know im out of ideas :P. Comment down below if you have ideas! :D

P.S i will post canyons PATHWAY glitch in a minute sorry if you are disapointed i will do canyons sky glitch TOMORROW!

New stuff/rare mondays/horse party

Ok, so have you looked on the right side bar?? Well *drum roll* Now ajik has expanded :D (kinda) Now we have a puppy picture at the bottom, a poll on the side bar and queen jammer/king jammer! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D anyway at the horse party you can buy small hay,And for rare mondays! Rare wizard hat! it is on the 5th page of jam mart clothing and only come's in one color :( im actully glad :D so that mine is still rare!Its smart of aj to do the "rare" stuff but annoying why don't they just do gloves not "rare" gloves i hope......

P.S Special thanks to Maya3060 for giving me green heart locket and pink Anome headbow :D and also Check out Coco924's den (its a phantom party with over 20 phantoms!) Also Thanks to caly for trading me a wizard hat for a spiked braclet :D :D :D best day ever on aj.....

Thanks for reading this post-Mia776

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New stuff in animal jam / castle glitch!/new stuff for ajik! mabey.........

so there is a new plant in bahari bargains. (idk what the furniture 1 is called! XD). i think it is same as clothing.... i dont know... but drum roll plz XD i dont know why i just said that...*drum roll* :D :D 8D castle glitch! :D! :D so you stand at the edge of the top of the castle, (trading party or den it dosent matter) click near the first little ball on the fence on the left side :3, while running do the buddie game thingy (if you don't know what that is while running click someone's name tag then press buddy games the you must be quick then press what ever buddy game you want then quickly SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER fast then you should end up on the wall) :D!!!!!!!!!!!

note:you have to be carefull were you go cuz you might accidentally get out of the glitch if so just try it again if it is not working. don't blame it on me this glitch works for me if it dosent work for you then i don't know ,mabey you are clicking in the wrong spot or your computer is messed up (not to be affence to your computer XD)

P.S we might start having poll's :D! and we might have a queen jammer or it depends if u are a boy u will be king jammer and if u are a girl you will be queen princess etc. I NEVER SAID WE WOULD ONCE AGAIN IF YOU ARE UPSET THAT WE DONT DO IT THEN WELL IDK IT IS NOT SURE THAT WE WILL IF SO THEY WILL PROB GONNA GET PUT IN NEXT WEEKEND IT DEPENDS!


Canyons sky glitch! And when i say canyons, I mean Coral canyons :P If you dont know what canyons is you either must have not been there or you are new.And when i say canyons SKY glitch i mean sky not waterfall and stuff i mean were the eagles fly if like 400000000000000 people are jumping on the bridge so yeah

Thanks for reading this post!
-Mia776+all my animals :Ptiny writing LOL

Happy easter/passover (icelebrate easter)

Happy easter in honor of easter Fablous Icylily (my bunny)XD  send you a free bunny hat! Yay! (only valid on easter) :D so i hope your on animal jam today ;D

Saturday, April 7, 2012

SORRY PHOTO SHOOT IS CANCELED! /New stuff that i will be doing...

Sorry the photo shoot is not going to happen :( i dont think any1 new about it XD and there is a new dog sled in jam mart furniture i will now be doing new items daily! if they have new items daily XD i dont know if they will.............. and i will do updates when there are updates and i will try 2 do pic's c-ya I LOVE BIG WHRITING XD XD XD TOTAL RANDOMNESS LOL I DONT KNOW WHY IM DOING THIS!!

nvm about the hacking thing.....

Ummmm.......... I was just looking at my recycling stuff and i saw the turkey hat! and realized tht it was there...BUT!i did not see it and looked at every single thing in that inventory. and saw NO turkey hat..... that was last week... so i dont know....but i did not trade it or anything and i did not recycle it so it is a mystery. and if you dont think this is true well... IT IS TRUE!!!!!!! lol i like big letters :I. but i dont know what happend to it for 2 weeks mabey aj did a glitch and gave it to my other account idk... (my other account is Mckenna456) and i have not been on her in a while... so i do not know................................ WHAT HAPPEND 2 MY TURKEY HAT!!!!?

P.s if you know tell me in the comments below LOL that was random

p.p.s here is a link to my friends blog lol idk why im doing this :9

Friday, April 6, 2012

Coming tomorrow....

i am going to make an odd but odder photo shoot of Duchess Templelily (my wolf) and Fuzzy Icyclaw (my other wolf)  note:this may not happen idk if it will :P, of my wolfs hanging out. idk why i just feel like it its mostly Fuzzy Icyclaw but there is 1 picture with Duchess Templelily i do not know if this is going too happen idk if my camera hooks up to the blogger system :P :L i dont think it does so there is a 64% chance it wont happen and a 51% chance it will XD idk comment if u want it to happen but it has too be before 10:30 pacific time zone please XD if u do eastern u will either be WAY WAY WAY to early or WAY WAY WAY to late lol buh buh buh buh buh i like saying buh,bye-mia776 p.s I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS WILL HAPPEN NO GUARANTEE'S XD STILL IF U ARE UPSET DONT POST BAD COMMENTS PLEASE!!! this might not happen ppl ppl RANDOM RANDOMNESS


i got hacked :C my turkey hat is GOOONE! my pink bubble blower is GOOONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its terrible and who ever is doing this STOP! HACKING ME! oh wait i traded pink bubble blower... XD but my turkey hat is RARE and it is GONE! if some1 finds out this mystery please tell me who did it if its some1 on aj please report them  PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE DO! and if you hacker read this post REPORT YOURSELF!XD

Random post (mia mountain)/new bonnet/STOP SCAMMING

Hi jammers! i dont know why i made this post.  :) i just wanted to and this is why: 2 things first thing is at the trading party you know in the sky? well i will post The castle  glitch sometime.... well anyway the second mountain in the distance in the sky on the top level!  on the right is Mia mountain!! (sorta XD) second thing.... STOP SCAMMING PLEASE!!sorry its just i hate getting scammed and stuff Thanks for reading this XD random post p.s there is a new bonnet at the horse party i would take a picture but ok i will take a picture later when its going on.  OMG I HAVE 2 GET IT!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hi jammers!!!!! :D

Hi jammers im Mia776 I love animal jam :D and i wanted to create a blog about it :D and thanks to Jenny7 for encouraging me to make this blog :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;) im smiling to much XD cya bye bye im really exited idk if i spelled that wrong......