Monday, April 23, 2012

Rare monday -.- such a rip off XD/new video

Well today is rare monday and Aj Thinks that spiked hair is rare -.- with did they forget??? ITS IN STORES!!!!!!!!! Well ok im a little let down for how wierd this rare monday is... (Kinda XD) Anyway!!!! And for those of you who didint know, There is a new video in Tierneys aquariem!(pop off sattlite archival tag)Its kinda new. So yeah! Here are Some random links to random people/friends blogs there are some links sunce it was pertty boring i decided to make it non boring so you can look at theese blogs too!


  1. Mia wanna learn how to make tabs like I did on meh blog? Too different parts? Alright, maybe you do and maybe you don't but here's instructions: Go to pages (you'll have to find that SOMEWHERE if you haven't upgraded yet, if you have you'll find it in your lists in the drop-down), then click the button that says "Don't show" and it should come up the options: "Don't show", "Side tabs", and last but not least (the one I use!) top tabs. Select how you want it to be shown, then click "new page" if you have another blog or something make a "web address page" and type in the URL. You'll get a new page if you click "new page"(I'm Captain Obvious!), the "title" thing is what it will appear in the tabs. You can only get the page activated to change it by clicking edit. (Captain Obvious strikes again!). Hope that helps!

    1. XD " caption obvious strikes again" XDD And thanks for telling me i will be using this soon :D

    2. Welcome, not to be mean but maybe you shouldn't use as many ????s or !!!!!s. Just a suggestion :)

  2. kk XD i just like doing that yeah true... i will try to stop myself lol but its hard XD


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