Saturday, April 7, 2012

nvm about the hacking thing.....

Ummmm.......... I was just looking at my recycling stuff and i saw the turkey hat! and realized tht it was there...BUT!i did not see it and looked at every single thing in that inventory. and saw NO turkey hat..... that was last week... so i dont know....but i did not trade it or anything and i did not recycle it so it is a mystery. and if you dont think this is true well... IT IS TRUE!!!!!!! lol i like big letters :I. but i dont know what happend to it for 2 weeks mabey aj did a glitch and gave it to my other account idk... (my other account is Mckenna456) and i have not been on her in a while... so i do not know................................ WHAT HAPPEND 2 MY TURKEY HAT!!!!?

P.s if you know tell me in the comments below LOL that was random

p.p.s here is a link to my friends blog lol idk why im doing this :9

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