Friday, April 6, 2012

Coming tomorrow....

i am going to make an odd but odder photo shoot of Duchess Templelily (my wolf) and Fuzzy Icyclaw (my other wolf)  note:this may not happen idk if it will :P, of my wolfs hanging out. idk why i just feel like it its mostly Fuzzy Icyclaw but there is 1 picture with Duchess Templelily i do not know if this is going too happen idk if my camera hooks up to the blogger system :P :L i dont think it does so there is a 64% chance it wont happen and a 51% chance it will XD idk comment if u want it to happen but it has too be before 10:30 pacific time zone please XD if u do eastern u will either be WAY WAY WAY to early or WAY WAY WAY to late lol buh buh buh buh buh i like saying buh,bye-mia776 p.s I DO NOT KNOW IF THIS WILL HAPPEN NO GUARANTEE'S XD STILL IF U ARE UPSET DONT POST BAD COMMENTS PLEASE!!! this might not happen ppl ppl RANDOM RANDOMNESS

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