Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sorry :(/new items from yesterday and today!

So, Yesterday i pretty much forgot about my blog XD.And anyway, So todays (and yesterdays) New items are Duckie pillow, Grassy worms (eww XD), Duck crossing sighn,Ghost window,(todays items!)Compass,Phantom neckless,

Now i will do where they are from:

Duckie pillow-Claws N' paws (top level and click on the dog house)
Grassy worms-Claws N' paws (top level click on the dog house)
Duck crossing sighn-Claws N' paws (top level click on the dog house)
Ghost window-Spooky party (furniture shop on the first floor)
Compass-Sunken treasures
Phantom neckless-Spooky party! Clothing shop (top level)

Good luck XD 

P.S should i start doing this comment below if you think i should! Special thanks to Jenny7 for great advice! :)

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