Saturday, April 14, 2012

hat/dog stuff/Monkey hat's

So at the atlantis party there is a new base ball cap typed thing i forgot the name i will update this post after i find out the name XD. And there is a new dog item "Dog mat" it looks more like a dog BED not a dog MAT XD. That was soooo random im made of randomness XP lol i don't really know why i just said that.....Anyway...Back to the new stuff the monkey hat is back in stores! (i  think it came in on thursday but whatever XD and i might also have posted somthing about it before so i dont know...

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

P.S awww i got logged out of aj oh poop XD


  1. Mia, You should take screenshots: If you have a old computer press Ctrl, Alt, Home - if oyu have an ew computer press Print screen, I think it will help your blog grow bigggger and popularer!


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