Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy birthday to Maya3060/The strike of the old/new kitchen XD/P.S

So, First today is YAY!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAYA3060!!!! shes so awsome :D!Hey typewriter writing WOO old fashioned.XD i love that writing!(odd and i kinda dont XD i just wanted to) omg somethings wrong with my writing :p.i'll fix that later :3. And also, THE EVIL CAKE BAKE KITCHEN IS BACK! XD its not really evil i just like saying that :3! The kitchen that bakes a cake that is 4500 Gems -.- WARNING!dont waste your gems -.-.But you can cuz its awesome XD i might buy it :3.

P.S Sorry, :C 2 bad things, 1:Sorry, Im all out of glitchys :C2: i have to be gone for 2 days (May 2 and may 3) So that means (this is the worst part) I HAVE TO MISS THE UPDATE! Its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad :C.Now to cheer you all up :D i think i will soon have a quiz AND tabs at the top of my blog :D Credit to Jenny7 for teaching me how to make tabs!:DDDDDDDDDD

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776


  1. Thanks mia :):D -blows out candles- -and wishes-

    P.S say hi to every1 for me :D


    1. Yayz! you found my blog!!!!cool i wish u could get on aj right now!Im bored on aj without any friends on exept some XD who r busy.....................

      P.S Kara for da extra views can u check everyday and every night XD (you dont HAVE to but i would like it alot :3)

  2. :D please reply i know you enjoying you vacation and everything but well not ENJOYING it but ya :D


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