Monday, April 9, 2012

I was looking in bahari bay.....

So, earlier today i was at Bahari bay about to play Eat 'Em Up. and i noticed somthing... that there was a door! im guessing some kind of shop mabey, like you know the tierney aquarium, ( if i spelled that wrong its not my fault my dad taught me how to spell it  no affence dad if u are reading this post :/) Anyway..... YAY! so im guessing somthing like tierneys aquarium or somthing i dont know mabey a place like claws n' paws i dont really know so the door is by Eat 'em up and Bahari bargains! :D so i think that will be a new room typed thing... and i think that they should have made Jam Mart furniture the arcade cuz it's like deserted XD! idk no one ever goes there if it is they are new and don't know anything about how you can buy furniture at your den.... i know it has nothing to do with the door HEY! WAIT! they could sell rare clothing! it could be an underwater pet wash!!!!!!!!! I don't know im out of ideas :P. Comment down below if you have ideas! :D

P.S i will post canyons PATHWAY glitch in a minute sorry if you are disapointed i will do canyons sky glitch TOMORROW!

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