Sunday, April 8, 2012

New stuff in animal jam / castle glitch!/new stuff for ajik! mabey.........

so there is a new plant in bahari bargains. (idk what the furniture 1 is called! XD). i think it is same as clothing.... i dont know... but drum roll plz XD i dont know why i just said that...*drum roll* :D :D 8D castle glitch! :D! :D so you stand at the edge of the top of the castle, (trading party or den it dosent matter) click near the first little ball on the fence on the left side :3, while running do the buddie game thingy (if you don't know what that is while running click someone's name tag then press buddy games the you must be quick then press what ever buddy game you want then quickly SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER fast then you should end up on the wall) :D!!!!!!!!!!!

note:you have to be carefull were you go cuz you might accidentally get out of the glitch if so just try it again if it is not working. don't blame it on me this glitch works for me if it dosent work for you then i don't know ,mabey you are clicking in the wrong spot or your computer is messed up (not to be affence to your computer XD)

P.S we might start having poll's :D! and we might have a queen jammer or it depends if u are a boy u will be king jammer and if u are a girl you will be queen princess etc. I NEVER SAID WE WOULD ONCE AGAIN IF YOU ARE UPSET THAT WE DONT DO IT THEN WELL IDK IT IS NOT SURE THAT WE WILL IF SO THEY WILL PROB GONNA GET PUT IN NEXT WEEKEND IT DEPENDS!


Canyons sky glitch! And when i say canyons, I mean Coral canyons :P If you dont know what canyons is you either must have not been there or you are new.And when i say canyons SKY glitch i mean sky not waterfall and stuff i mean were the eagles fly if like 400000000000000 people are jumping on the bridge so yeah

Thanks for reading this post!
-Mia776+all my animals :Ptiny writing LOL

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