Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yay!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE DAY! So today for the update there is a new game with your pet snake: sssssnake XD i had 2 count the s's XD s's Anyway... There is a new party! called The Spooky Party!  And again dont forget that Bunnie's are limited time only! :(.Anyway Back to the good stuff :3!Monthly Member gift for May Will be Phantom invasion machine!And There is a new appondale journey book and the prize is ACIA PET TREE XD caps :3.AND the most important is............ DUN DUN! (in a good way :3) UNDER WATER BEST DRESSED!!!!!!! WOO HOO! thats totally awesome :3 and click here to go to the daily explorer Bye bye-Mia776 im outa glitches :C bye bye :3.

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