Saturday, April 21, 2012


So there is alot of new stuff! Lets start with the oldest! So aj brought back flippers, And TRAIN SETS!!!!!!! yay! Omg im sooo happy :P. And theres a new anchor you can buy at the under water furniture shop... And (OMG im soo sorry i have been sooooo busy the last few days so i coudent do blogging or Aj :"C but now im back! :D) AND XD!!!!!!! You can buy a propeller cap  at the Alantis party!AND OMG SOO MUCH STUFF! So Aj brought back the panda hat! (not really to exiting it looks the same as the monkey hat to me XD :P)AND there is new seaweed that you can buy for your under water den!!!!! AND XD there isnt anything else :P :/ Sorry, No glitch today! (i don't feel like it XD) and i might do 1 tomorrow or later today mabey.....So anyway Bye!


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