Friday, April 27, 2012

WATCH OUT FOR THE MEDUSA BUNNIE!/new item/furniture item/my idea for parties!

os, yadot XD so, today ima do things backwards :3 So Here is my partie idea!:Bunnie's only partie please!I would also like to see Holiday parties! Just an idea! -Fabulous Icylily"Done :3 :I kinda dumb but i think it will work, Sunce every1 is asking for bunnies only partys :D. Even my aj/real friends XD.Anyway... Next thing..WARNING WARNING!watch out for the medusa bunnie she will haunt u >:3 FOREVER!!!!!!!XDAhhhh............ Better :3 There is a new crown in Epic Wonders :3.ALSO XD (forgot to post this in the update XD) There is a new furniture item! :D! CleverClaws Dresser! (Congratz to Miss  Cleverclaw for winning the furniture contest!!!!!!!!!!)

Thanks for reading this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Mia776

P.S im hyper so if i forgot anything then can you tell me? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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