Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Canyon's sky glitch/New items/Wizard hat

Hey Jammer's! So, *drum roll* Yay! Canyons sky glitch Woo! So you stand on the right corner of were sky high is, (not the little rope the big rope) Then you click near the map, Then you do the buddy game thingy, And you should end up on the wall!(If you don't know what the buddy game is read here ok you click some1's name tag then you press buddy game's(make sure your on the same server!) then you quickly press cancel) And the new item is..... Pillar with a vase! And the wizard hat is gone from jam mart furniture AND i think this thursday is the update! Don't blame me if im wrong im gonna check. YAY! The update is on thursday mabey the Mystery Bahari bay room will come alive! I Don't know about though mabey a new land! we haven't had that for a while.... And i think new stuff! mabey a new pet! mabey a new animal no nevermind we just got a new animal... they are doing them to often now...Happy birthday to meh dad :3

P.S The next glitch will be Zios!!!!!!!!

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  1. Cool Glitch! I will try it out! ^D^
    user: faolon12


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