Monday, April 30, 2012


 So Even more beta pictures! im on a roll here! XD! back in the beta days :3 you could use the name mate witch sounds wrong XD also all the things in the clothing are NON MEMBER! omg soooo Rare! XD and nm cuffs! XD i got that cat hat! woo hoo next 1!
 So this player appears to not be a player anymore! creepy but true!!! next one!
 OMG SO MANY DEN PICTURES! im going to make a story soon with all thease Beta pic's so here is the first beta den won!
 Ahhh..... this is the life XD yeah see? the cactus was beta!
Omg bottem level this is TOTALLY the life :3
 SO WIERD so the panda's aj name is..:AjGuidefoo! XDDDDDDDDD such wierd names back then...
And last by the fountain and do you see that jam mart clothing was ALL the way over there XD wierdness also i used to L-O-V-E the purple pillow in the pillowroom! (i still do XDDDDD)P.S i got XD problems XD giggley Mia HYPER MIMI! :I i challange myself to be quiet for 10 minuites starts right now!!!!!                                              *thinks I NEED TO LAUGH!*

*thinks:C-ya people XD**thinks credit to jenny7 for the pictures her blog is!*


  1. All dis stuff makes meh think about when I was going through a National Geo magazine and I saw an ad on AJ, WHEENNN ITT WASS STILL BETTAA D:, I feel sooooo bad that I missed out on all this cool stuff... Come back beta days O3O

  2. Wow...I used to say XD way to much.... o.O

  3. Woah... that beta den looks amazing! I wish I could see the things I never got to see... Thanks for posting pictures like this so I don't feel like I missed out XD

    1. They did truly look pawsome! I miss beta. Those aren't my pictures. I didn't take any pictures of Beta, I didn't even know about screenshots three years ago :PPP. Oh, and yes, I was in beta :3

  4. Yeah, that is so weird!!! I wonder why Jam Mart Clothes was over there!

  5. Did you know there never used to be memberships??

  6. the fist pictre with the wolf looked ugly aj was ugly back them (no offense XD)


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