Sunday, April 22, 2012

New stuff/Happy earth day/glitch update.....

So i will do glitch first so yesterday i was at the horse party and there were too dolphins and they said (as i remember) (they might have lied) They said that all the horses at the horses only party were swimming! Might/might not be true, (probable not true but mabey..............) Anyway... some of the glitches dont work anymore :( AND most importantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!  YAY!So anyway... there is a new shell chair in sunken treasures XD i almost called it bahari bargains AND there is a new angler fish hat in BAHARI BARGAINS!!!!!! XD im getting SOOOOOOOO mixed up -.-.Anyway OOPS XD i forgot to do Jammer royalty this week XD well i guess it was a day late. Well i have to go on Aj!/Do jammer royalty first XD


P.S i might not tell you tierney aquariem glitch.... Only i probable will tomorrow ;D cya

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