Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The beta bunnie!:3! Book 1,Chapter1

 One loveley winter afternoon a bunnie was getting home from a dance party!
 So she/he goes into its den and you know starts to check it (sunce you could not lock your den back then)
 You know no 1 is here and you know all calm,But suddenly! The bunnie heard a sound! the bunnie hopped in freakyness for she/he had never heard such a sharp sound in her/his life!
 So the bunnie went more down stairs to find...Aj and Fuzzy!!!!! The people that the bunnie had seen EVERYWHERE!
So then the pandas started chatting (like they allways do XD)And aj said "Have you decorated yet?" and simply the other panda's reply was: "no not yet" Then after there was nothing said exept a soft wisper and then the bunnie slowly said "Decorated for what?" And then Aj simply said "Well...The Jamaalidays are coming!" and then the bunnies soft reply was "Oh,Of course! The jamaalidays! How could i forget!" Then as the bunnie shooed the to pandas out the door,After the pandas were gone,The bunnie started rushing off to Jam-Mart Furniture and bought gifts for the 2 pandas Also went to sarepia forest and chopped down a small pine tree that would fit in Her/his den.Then the bunnie started to realize!"OH MY i forgot  to get a presant for myself" Then she/he rushed to Jam-Mart Clothing and quickly bought a white glove,Then headed back to her/his den and quickly wrapped all of it,Then on christmas morning she saw a presant under the tree and it said "From:Aj & Fuzzy!" Quickly the bunnie ripped it open and there it was her/his dream item! A TOP HAT! She/he was so exited she/he bought2 of everything in jam mart clothing!!!!! then the andas said thank yous and good-byes and they all lived happily ever after

Thanks for reading this book typed thing-mia776

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