Thursday, May 17, 2012

New item!/Some random randomness XDD

Ok,So today is a VERY important day! (XD for no reson at all :) But kind of! :D idk im STILL happy from 400 vews hopfully we get 500 soon :D! Anyway, The new item is...

Life ring!
Where?-Cruise ship party (i think)
Purpose?-To safe someone's life! :9

A random list of stuff!

  1. Mia776
  2. Mia776
  3. Mia776
  4. Mia776
  5. Mia776
  6. Mia776
  7. Mia776
  8. Mia776
  9. Mia776
yay! That was a test!TEST ONLY! XD

(day dream)*Ahhh... *In day dream is eating candied bacon*Ahh...This is a good life!*Moved to crystal sands in day dream* *wakes up* Aww it was just a daydream :I XD! And i just live in da forest :/.

  1. Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776 (XD)


  1. hi mia!
    Im so glad the power is back on!But...I cant go on my because im to busy+my sis.So my hands are tied but we all hope for the best :)

    Kara :)

  2. Yay im glad :)oh...That is the bad new's.UHG i doont like you little sister that nasty 'Aprileena'or what ever her name is... sorry if i sound mean :)! because i dont mean to sound mean :D.Im glad that u found my blog :3.bye Kara! c u when u get back!!!!!!!!!


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