Sunday, May 20, 2012

New serries! (About horse's)

So the new Series is called "Misty" And i really like it because,Well...It all started about 20 minuites ago when i got inspired By Aj to make a picture of a horse (my best one in my life! :D) And  i decided to make it on my blog and ya so thats how it started and thats how it will stay XD.And anyway...The story is about a horse named Misty and here is its profile & Misty's friends

Comes from:Appondale
Colors:a little more darker then tan coat,Dark brown maine and hooves,Black eyes.
Gender:Unknown (XDD)
Personality:Adventurous,Playfull,Scared of butterflys.(XD)
-My horse (Misty)
Comes from:Coral Canyons
Breed:Normal horse
Colors:Black coat,With black main,And dark sweet brown eyes.
Personality:Often tired,Laid back,Fast when she wants to be,Fierce,Lazy.(XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

Breed:Normal horse
Colors:White coat,And grey main,black hooves.
Personality:Fiesty,Caring,Good at horse races.
Comes from:Sarepia forest.

Name:Blanc (white in french XD)
Comes from:Somewhere outside jamaa
Breed:Mustang (wild horse)
Colors:White with white main and dark brown eyes,Black hooves.
Gender:Female,girl,etc XD
Personality:Fierce,Alert,Skiddish (like all horses are XD),GrumpyDosent really want sympathy when she is sad,Fast.
-Jenny7's horse (Blanc)

Colors:Orange,cream maine/tail,Light orange wave like pattern,Green eyes.
Personality:Nice,Kind,but PLEASE DONT MAKE HER ANGRY.
Breed:uh,I don't know any horse breeds,sooooooo Horsey?XD
-Ravenpaw's horse (Sunset)

Thats pretty much it!-Mia776™ (There is sighn ups open in the comments!) :)Also,sunce this post has been updated i will tell you somthing well here is the back story:Misty, Blanc, Sunshine, and Mittens, were stuck on an old Run down  farm,With a mean owner,And the mean owner treated them terribly to one day they desided to run away!Stay tuned for more on the REAL book :3!Thanks jenny for joining!(You can sighn up with a comment :D)And also Sunset will be added in chapter 4 of "Misty"


  1. hi mia!
    Kara here :) im coming back on monday so i can at least see you on animal jam! yay! woo hoo i wanna sighn up!wait nevermind i dont :D.-eats 5000000000000000 pancakes-bye-Kara

  2. Hi Kara!
    Nice to see you commenting on my blog again! :D Just enter your horses info! (there might NOT be sighn ups though :3) So if you want to now. but it might be a waste of typing :3!

  3. Pwease have this character come in :3
    Name: Blanc (White in french XD)
    Comes from: Somewhere outside Jamaa
    Breed: Mustang (Wild horse :3)
    Colors: White with white mane and dark-brown eyes. Black hooves.
    Gender: Female, girl, etc XD
    Personality: Fierce, Alert, Skittish (like all horses are XD), Grumpy, Doesn't really want sympathy when she is sad, Fast.

  4. ok :D i wanted my friends to see it :DDDDDD

  5. Is it ok the way im making Blanc?


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