Saturday, May 5, 2012

:"C i just found out a sad peice of news :""""C

So, Today is a sad peice of news,I just figured out that my and Ravenpaw got scammed by the SAME scammer! although i was scammed in January 2011 So anyway lets hear  the story...So Yesterday i was looking at Ravenpaws storys (Ravenpaws mini blog her normal blog is if you press on her story tab scroll around and you will find her part of the story) So i figured out that THE SAME SCAMMER SCAMMED HER AND ME!Thats the terrible news and the scammers user is : DUNKAN. And PLEASE report Dunkan.Also what Dunkan scammed from Ravenpaw is a Beta tiki mask and lied "Im only 6 i dont know what a scam is" and later he/she said "btw im 12 Ha ha you just got scammed" :"C and to me i cant remember what Dunkan said but All i know is that Dunkan Scammed my black glove :"C so REPORT DUNKAN THE SCAMMER PLEASE!!!!!

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  1. Yay i FINALLY know how to write next to comments yahoo XD


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