Monday, May 7, 2012

Main animal changed:(actully i still got 3 XD)/Rare mondays

So, I still have xX3Xx 3 most used animals/MAIN animals So my main animals are :Fabulous Icylily Fuzzy Icyclaw & Fuzzy IcypetAka My bunnie my wolf and my koala (no order)! o3o.Also i have a glitch if you type "...We look alike." it will turn out as "...WW look alike." i just found that out after i found a CLONE  of my wolf.ALSO lets get to rare monday!OK *drum roll* Rare monday item is..........................."RARE" HEART LOCKET! Kinda cool but i've been seeing SOOO many Heart lockets! So, i woudent call them RARE anymore but mabey there not in stores but alot of people have them so....I dont know...And so i dont think theres anymore OH WAIT! You can find the Rare item monday item in the hot cocoa hut shop! (i am not counting pages it gets annoying -.-)

Thanks for reading this post! im going to go play super sort now!-Mia776

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