Sunday, May 6, 2012

ALOT if new stuff! (that i didint pay attention too XD)

So, Today we have stuff that i forgot about XD...Theres a new feature in Disc toss if you im guessing get 50 golden disc's! you will get a cool/wierd feature... (I like ...'s XD)There is a new Underwater firepit in sunken treasures! The fire appears to be blue..XD!And there is a Skeleton throne :D!And a tie off Ship tie off In sunken treasures!AND XD Theres a "scary" Unicorn Horn... Aj really likes the "scary" and "rare" thing >.<. Also theres a new version of the Bow And arrows item! Its the Golden Bow And Arrow! :D

Thanks for reading this post -Giggley Mia o3o

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