Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book 1,Chapter3 The Beta bunnie!! :D(Sorry its a short chapter! ) :)

 One lovley Winter afternoon,The beta bunnie was enjoying a nice day at Temple of Zios with his/her  Friends Aj and Fuzzy.Or nevermind about Aj,She is on vacation in the new  desert!So then you know the beta bunnie got kinda bored staring at a giant post that held up Temple Of Zio's Famous elephant of course!So She/he decided to go back over to Fuzzy and talk with her.
 As you can see Fuzzy goes for a friendly etempt and simply says "Hey there" And the Bunnies responce is "Hi Fuzzy,Can we go to my den?"And sure enough Fuzzy's reply was "Of course! Why not?"So the Bunnie set off for the Bunnie's den.

 10 minutes later...The Bunnie and Fuzzy reach the Bunnie's den!And they walk inside
So,Now there inside! Home!Well...At least the bunnie is home...Not Fuzzy...Fuzzy dosent live with the Bunnie....!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The end (Look out for the next chapter) It should be updated soon! (but im running out of pictures XD) And theres still 3!!!!!! books to go! actully 4....Im going to do five each with 5 chapters!

Anyway if you dont know the beta Bunnie caricters here they are!

The Bunnie!
The bunnie is the bunnie that us pretty much everywhere She/he dosent have a name! Well...Ok lets put it this way The Bunnies name is :"Bouncing" But! The bunnie HATES  that name so From then on she/he was called simply "The Bunnie"!Also The Bunnie does not have a gender even though it has boy eyes just make it whatever you want! :DThe bunnie is the main charicter!

Fuzzy is The Bunnies friend! Fuzzy is Aj's best friend. look for her erleir in the serries( if you want to hear about Aj (the panda)Then go to my blog archive!Although i have like 42 posts so good luck XD)Aj,Fuzzy,And The Bunnie are BFFL's.Aj and fuzzy are the ONLY  people (besides you who is reading this XD)That knows The Bunnies REAL name!!!!! Its a big secret so Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...*Whisper*Its bouncing!

Aj is Fuzzys BFF!And Aj,Fuzzy,And The Bunnie,Are BFFL's!Thats it Aj isnt in much of it...

New Charicter's !!
There might be new charicters added soon! :D

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