Thursday, May 24, 2012

500 VIEWS!!!/Somthing we have ALL been waiting for ...THE UPDATE!/Why does Aj allways give my gifts for important days??XDD

So,THANK YOU EVERY ONE :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I HAVE 500000 VIEWS! Ok mabey no that many but i have 510! I mean its like a dream come true!Anyway! thank you all the people who views my blog bunches of times!!!:D YAY! NOW TO THE VERY IMPORTANT THING THE.....................Ok i will give you a hint it starts with an U and ends with an E!U-p-d-a-t-e!!!!!YAY!So there is going to be a summer carnival!!Omg i cant WAITTT!lol,Anyway...Also you can now play as giraffes on aj!And now the animal museum is called...The conversation museum :/.ALSO my second favorite part of this update is.....THE NEW BUNNIES ONLY PARTY! Omg it is sooo cool!It reminds me on alice in wonder land XD.And there is a journey book for coral canyons!And the prize is a cactus chair...Its looks SUUPER painfull to sit on XD.And also now in the DEN version of Phantom Invasion you can get "RARE" Phantom toys!But mabey they are rare...XD!ALSO OMG OMG OMG OMG! You can now buy ALL dens for HALF THE PRICE!Omg people if you have dreamed for a castle den or any den and your to lazy to get all the gems (Like me XDD) I say you get a go on those castle dens there only 3000 gems now!They used to be 6000! :D.And congratz to Awesome Speedywolf for winning the den furniture contest!And his or her's item was a rocking seahorse!And the summer carnival is ALL summer long! :DDD im just soooooo happy right now BEST DAY EVER!

Thanks for reading this awesome post!-Mia776

P.S More Misty to come soon!

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