Thursday, May 10, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOOOOOO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!YAAY! Anyway...OH i will have a birthday party in my den (saturday at 5:00 PM PACIFIC time P.S dont show up early in the morning XDD thats why i put PM not AM XDD)lol ANYWAY..BACK TO DA UPPPPPPDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEEEEEEE!Theres a new game called! "Jammer Derby" I just call it Horse Race.XD Jammer Derby is to much XD.And there is a new ocean den item contest (I will enter :3)*DRUM ROLL!* GIRAFFES HAVE BEEN ANOUNCED AS ANIMALSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAY! LOL BIG LETTERS now im back to normal :3. Sorry im exited :D -_- XD i am tierd from playing "Jamaa Derby" lol.ANYWAY! AND! A NEW PARTY!!!!!!! so head on  over in 2 hours and 37 minuites XD.Also its called the CRUISE SHIP PARTY!And what it has in the jamaa journal it looks like they sell INNER TUBES!AND A NEW TOWELYAY (I  luv  dat new towel XDD)And its the time of year..THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BEE!  (idk why i just did that XD)...And now the rare items  have a "rare"gold sticker typed thing i wonder if you have to wear the sticker 3:...AND my GLOVES dont even have rare stickers... -.0 its totally wrong because clover ear muffs dont have one MY WORN DOSENT HAVE 1!OR TURKEY HAT OR WITCH HAT OR MEDUSA MASK!!!!!!It might just be a glitch 3:or party hats or bow and arrows...NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE! ITS MY BIRTHDAY XD LOL No thats not what the notice is about its about that LEIS ARE GONE FROM STORES AND ALL THOSE CRAZY GLASSES!XDlol but it is my birthday!

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