Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Omg 600 views! oh wow! :D oh by the way im going to show you the picture i drew o3oI drew that :D...I've gotten to be a better drawer now...XD1Thats my bunnie in her main outfit :Aqua bow,Dark blue neckless,Aqua cuffs,& Aqua stars.And my old eyes XD.aww dang i did the badge on the wrong side XDD but i made a mess-up over there so....XDAND A VERY HAPPY 600 VIEWS TO MEE! :D i will update this post later with a picture :D i figured out that I CAN use my camara with this website :DDDDDDDD

& this is the picture of me having a 600 Views party! O3O no1 showed up XD!Cuz no1 really got invited XDD it was only for picture purposes :D!And i found out how to get pictures on here!:D i might TRY to do pictures everyday but i dont know...

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776™

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