Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yet more of the beta bunnie! Book 1,chapter 2 :D/Jenny7's blog name changed! /sorry/New items+An idea just struck me!

SO YET ANOTHER STORY! yay i just love doing storys :3 Anyway,Today is a short story made up  by me! Also i am thinking about doing chapter books a chapter a day eh?Its your choice so vote on the poll (its gone):D!Also before i do the story im going to do all the new stuff!Also sorry i was gone for 2 days :( i was gone off busy i would have posted but no computers allowed also no DESK TOP COMPUTERS ALLOWED XD! i couldent even pack mine in a bag XD.Anyway back to the new stuff So there is a new skull fence and theres a new ship cannon AND a duck nest and May's monthly gift is a phantom invasion arcade machine!!!!

Ship cannon-Sunken treasures
duck nest-Claws N' Paws
Phantom invasion arcade machine (for den)-Become a member in may!
Skeleton fence-SPooky party

Turns out Jenny7's blog was renamed to Check it out its really cool!

YAY and now for the story DRUM ROLL! yay this story is called ima do it in big letters on the next bar!

A short story:The beta bunnie!

 Long ago in a far away land called Jamaa,Lived a bunnie, a beta bunnie .Anyway back to the story. so one day the bunnie was bored at Her/his den so she/he decided to go to jamaa township!And when she got there she thought "oh well im so bored what will i do.*sigh*Oh! wait i have an idea!"Then as the bunnie took off she/he ran as fast as she/he could! intil she reached won spot.
 The 1 spot the Bunnie LOVED was the fountain the most prettyest fountain the bunnie had ever seen!So then she went over to the fountain and starting dancing around it! (in this story 100 years ago in jamaa it was a tradition to dance around Jamaa's fountain XD)Then out of the quarter of the bunnies eye she/he saw her/his favorite clothing store! Jam-Mart clothing!So the bunnie rushed over.
 The bunnie rushed over swung open the door of Jam-Mart clothing and always loved the faint smell of sweet cinnamon buns! (that was random XD)Then the bunnie hopped over to the New items part of Jam-Mart furniture.
Then over there she/he was looking around and suddenly somthing caught her/his eye! It was Skully's! so at that moment she/he ran over to the casheer and asked for them and luckily they were only 10 gems! "Phew im glad they wearnt 183 gems!" As soon as the bunnie payed its gems it ran out the door with happieness hoping to show Fuzzy and aj her/his new Skully's!(if you dont know who fuzzy and Aj are they are the annoying pandas that actully just want to be friends with the bunnie.And end up befriending the bunnie)THE END!

Thanks for reading this story/post!-Mia776

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