Sunday, May 20, 2012

New item! But its not the net item :/ /ALOT OF OTHER ITEMS TOO! :D X3/50th Post!

Before the item i would like to say somthing...!THIS IS MY 50TH POST! XD. The new item is...

Flat heated rock!

Where?-Claws N paws
Use?-Snake heating rock ( i think)

Like my new system i also forgot a few thing from a couple of days ago.What is the new item?

Moon neckless!

Where?-Jam-Mart Clothing
How it got envented?-My friend Ravenpaw asked for it! Mabey our questions do ( over time) Become real!She asked for either a Moon neckless or a star neckless! I would have liked bolth ;DDD

The next item is....

Snake skin!(soooo boring and wierd XD)

Where?-Claws N paws
Use?-Vertically no use or purpose just a Little no purpose den item 3:

Now we are done with our items XDD!Finally we are done with our items XDDDDDDDDD!!!!! Yay! that was wierd XD!Well...sadly it wasant my item i asked for BUT they are all great items! Except for the snake skin.....Well,Thats pretty much it!

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776  P.S Keep reading my post's!!!! :D :3

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