Monday, May 14, 2012


 So, Today i have EVEN MORE BETA PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And Credit to Ravenpaw for then her blog is!Anyway this picture is i think of kinda early ish you know march 2010? well that is if AJ started in january 2010 anyway
 Here is a lamp that used to be in Jamaa Township!I think it is an ocean den item now...Strange how beta items become a little bit difrent and become ocean items...
 This is the old medical center!I liked pretending i got a broken leg and the flu but having pups and that stuff is just plain 4 letters G-R-O-S-S ok mabey 5 XD
 This isnt Early beta because it has the fire but it still is beta! You see,in early beta there was rocks/stones where the fire pit is now.
This is the spot where Brady Barr's lab would be!But this used to just be a boring window XD kinda boring i mean once and a while you would see a butterfly XD.This window looked like this intil probable March 2011.
 This is the beta version of Crystal sands AND a Beta player card ;) But it appears to say when you look up zmonkey on your buddy searcher thing it says "oops this jammer does not exist please try again" or somthing like that.Crystal sands just looked like this intil July 2011!

P.S Rare monday is "rare" Mech angel helmet!!!!!!!Im sure it will be popular!So get yours before its gone!!!!!!! Sadly its members only....AND its orange XD (I shoudent care about that)

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776

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  1. try looking us zmonkey now- a player comes up! its so cool you should try it.


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