Friday, June 1, 2012

New item...WAY TO VIOLENT D:/A wierd glitch..XD

 So, Today there is a new item...NUNCHUCKS :"C ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO VIOLENT its waaaayyy to violent for aj 3":.There in Epic wonders.And i get clanners will have them... :""C even more badness.Look below for more coolness lol
And a wierd glitch,Its with the timer...It says "Add Buddy"XD I didint know you could add the timer as your buddy XD!I dont know why i've been doing 2 pictures per post now days...But as leats i have pictures now! :D

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776™

P.S. "Misty" chapter 5 is on its way!!!!!O3O!I love making those books...XD


  1. Yay! I'm Jammer royalty! Oooh you can take pics now? And I agree AJ has sided...with the clans. No hope, almost ;_;

  2. yes :3 and sadly but truley...yes D:But...Im going to write to them about it! :D.Ima ask them if they do like clans.

  3. Will you do a post telling us what the answer is

  4. Also I feel kinda weird asking this but do you have the one frog toy from beta times I have always wanted it if you have one please tell me because ill trade anything for ir

  5. Sure! But it was very unhelpfull >.< lol


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