Thursday, June 14, 2012

Emote Party!

Welcome to the Emote party!This is the emote party! (I allmost whrote patty mabey like a bacon patty yum XD)Anyway first we did food emotes (Suposted to be burgers but some people wanted to have Ice-cream) XD
And here was our second picture!Of us all going like this :O.Because,Someone had an imposter.OH WRITE IT WAS FURRY!XD
                                                       C-ya around Jamaa!-Mia776 (Who really needs to REMEMBER Romanien XD)


  1. you spelled romanian wrong :I it is romanian

  2. >.< long ago i wrote that -.- . Just when I was barley learning it *sigh*

    ~Mia -.-


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