Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blankets! :D.Now they are released!

YAY! So these were the Blanket item that was unreleased!And thanks to my friend Ravenpaw (This is not a bad thing this is a good thing XD)Skullies might come back!AND the summer carnival is on thursday!Witch by the way is 2 days away! :D.Heres a picture of skullies:

Yay that is the Skullie picture!Umm...Idk who i give credit to here..XD Because Ravenpaw also used them on her blog...And i organily got it from LoveLost like 4 months ago when she first put up her beta pictures....Ok,Credit to Lovelost for the skullie picture!Sorry Little-Bit is driving me CRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZY XD.(Little-Bit is my kitty o3o.He likes junk food and is begging me for Junk food XDD)

Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776 (Sorry, D: i still have the TM glitch >.< i will try to work on that today,But i dont exactly know how to fix it.... XD)

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