Monday, June 11, 2012


While i was playing as my Back-up account i was looking up imposters when i found...This... Here is the first picture,Of Mia778 >.< SHE EVEN COPYED MY LOOKS!My old looks that is :P...Unlike me she is a non member...But...Her name IS Fabulous Icylily,And she TOTALLY copyed my old looks...She probable hasant been on in a while...Thats what i looked like in beta...
 Here is someone who looks like OLD Duchess Templelily,Again she probable hasant been on in a while...And probable all of thease people are fans or somthing X3.I didint know i was that popular...
Here is a person with the name Mia775,Might be someone who just likes the name...BUT!I do remember meeting her shes really nice,And she seemed to be a REALLY big fan,In the beta days...Before this blog.... Witch is very strange...She is still on my buddy list lol.Aww...I lost my picture of Mia7776... Well,Im out of time...So see you tomorrow!(Probable with a new item :D)This part goes to Jenny:Jenny,Just telling you you have an imposter,Jenny8.


  1. Hopefully Mia775 comes on...Shes really nice.So nice that on her old account,She sent me a random black glove and a random green glove! :DD.That was in beta though....When they wernet rare,But i still liked her,lots.Then, As they became rare,I traded my black glove,And then I became a member.(When memberships came out)When names HAD to be golden...Ahh...Good old times...But i do like the name color thing...XD

  2. That was a looooooooooooooooooong comment O3O.I live for loooooooooooooooooooong comments XD


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