Friday, June 8, 2012

My Main Penguin's back story!/REEEAAALY wierd glitch.../My Contest entry (The pet contest)

 So Here is my 3rd post for today! XD (Im just kinda bored today...So i had a friend over...But im bored right now...)Anyway...So here is my Penguins back story!Well...My penguin...Ok,So when penguins FIRST came out EVERYONE was one. (Exept non members D:)And i went along with the rest of them...And got one...And liked it for a while...Then was my Bunnie for like a month or so...Then i bought my wolf...(Not Duchess Templelily my other wolf)And...Then my penguin was at the bottom of my list of Animals for a while...And then like yesterday...I changed my main animal!:D
 OOOMMMGGGIsnt this soo wierd?Sorry its upside-down...I was in such a rush to take the picture...And there was like 3 seconds left in voting for best dressed...So...Then i ended up quiting BEST DRESSED NOT AJ!Yeah odd photo...XD
Here is my Contest Entry!For the Pet Contest :D!Best bear i've ever
                                                          C-ya around Jamaa!

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