Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hamster Plushies!

 Yay!Hamster plushies!I've been waiting for thease for a while :D!I bought the tiny one RIGHT after i took this picture :3.Its certinily alot ptreeier than it would be because,It WOULD be red lol.I wanna buy all the mini plushies.......o3o.
And aj has a new button,Pretty boring.Just a help button.IMPORTANT MESSEGE:Have you seen Rule-breaker watch?Well its just a little thing on my ONLY side bar D: .Also check out my misty blog!(Only because i have a misty party on one of the posts)And because i have a REALLY exiting new Misty :D.You can either go to the tab or Click here! I almost have 1000 views! Im so close! :D
                                                        C-ya around Jamaa!-Mia776

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