Thursday, June 21, 2012

All About:Penguin's Only Party!

 Welcome to todays post!It's all about the "All New", (XD) Penguins only Party!Anyway,Here is what is looks like when you walk in:(It's up there ^).All the pictures are above.
 This is a little pool typed thing,Kinda like a hot spring.Sorry my mouse is in the picture XD.(It's in alot of the pictures sorry XD)
 There are these little stairs, That lead up to:
 Here!It's a store :D.And it sell's:
 Penguin Banner,Ice Sofa,And Ice Chair. :3 (You should buy them :D) WARNING:They Might melt when you are sitting in them XDDD.I don't think so
 Click on this Snow-cone Icon to get A Snow cone next to your Penguin/Animal.The colors Are:Red,Blue,Yellow,Green.XD 3 of them are primary colors...MAYBE EVEN ALL OF THEM XD!
 Also,Another clicky thing XD,Click the red hot-air balloon to get a mini hot air balloon next to your animal,They look like this:
 Clicky red/pink Hot air balloon thingy XD.
 And it has a music shop,That sells,^That music up: ^ There.X3
 And here is the tippy top level,I like it up there.....XD.Sorry you can see my (Penguin's) Face XP.NEVA SHOWING ME REAL FACE >:O XD.
And here is the last picture,A picture of one of the slides XD.Update Post Will Come probable tomorrow XD.Or today if i have time.....But....Thanks for reading the ultimate Guide to the Penguin's only party XD!


  1. Do you know how to take screen shots? If you don't I would be happy to tell you :D

  2. Sure :D.Should i meet you on AJ? Or right here X3 (On commenting)

  3. Ok what kind of computer do you have (I need to know to tell you how 2 do scree shots on that computer)I think maybe on AJ. My user is cutelittlewolf1


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