Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update! :D

So,Today is the update :D!Sorry,I lost the picture of the first page >.<. Items look 3D now.Cuffs look so scary...XD.And this weeks Rare items are... *drum roll* Party hat & Rare chicken hat....XDD
Here is how you get to the Summer Carnival!(Look around soon for another post of what the carnival looks like! :D)I will make a post for the carnival Asap! (that means as soon as possible :D)You click on it to get to the carnival.Its on the Parties Icon C: .
 PENGUINS ARE BECOMING NON MEMBER :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD Yaaaaaaaay.Speaking of penguins,I changed my main animal to a penguin!Except my wolf and bunnie and Koala XD.Also now you can have 300 Den items in your den!Instead of 200!

 And now there is a week (This week) Called adoption week! :D So there is a new pet called Humming birds! :D I love them! :D.And will be buying a T-shirt from Aj outfiters!:DDDDD
And just go on aj to watch the tierney video C: .I have to watch it myself....XD! Thanks for reading this post!-Mia776 (XD i allmost typed Mia7776 XDD)

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