Friday, February 15, 2013

Update as of 2/15/13

Hey Jammers! I forgot to post the update yesterday, sorry. So here it is a day late! :)
There are new Paradise Birds, they are not pets, you can read on...
 ...this page. The Paradise Party is the best party that there has ever been in my opinion! Or at least one of the  best. I hope it stays around forever.
 Pet tigers are this months monthly member gift, and Raccoon's are being held back another update! I really wanted them to come this update...
Be sure to get your Friendship Festival items before they are gone! I'm sure they will be rare again by fall. And...Happy 125th Birthday to National Geographic! There are some really cool videos around Jamaa. The only one I know of is in Jamaa Township:

 Cosmos is still judging his Hat Contest! Ugh! Cosmos! It has taken almost a month and a half! And the winners are in Jammer Central for the Best Buds contest.
Also, here is a video from yesterday of the Paradise Party. I also made a funny little skit that I might post later.
 Here is the video...
 And here is what happens when you find all the birds at the Paradise Party. The prize is a Paradise Throne:
It's really pretty with all the feathers spread out! Happy Jamming :)

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